Game o’ Thrones: Which House do your finances put you in?

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I’m so loving Game of Thrones.  I’ve seen through season 2, and I’m 3/4 of the way done with the fourth book.  (So no spoilers, please, for those of you who discovered the books before the TV show!  There won’t be any spoilers for you in this post if you’ve watched through season 2/read through the second book.)

My obsession led me to make this fanboy quiz for all of you to enjoy.  It’s completely unofficial; written by me, not endorsed by HBO.  But by taking it, we’re imagining what the characters we love (or hate) would do with their money if they lived in our reality/time period.

Click the link below to take the quiz, then come back to claim your button and get more in-depth analysis!


Lannisters–Grab Your Button Here!

A Lannister always pays his debts.  ‘Nuff said.  They’re not short on money, and they’d be awesome with credit cards; probably using them to get mad rewards and using massive credit to build the wealth they have even further (think financing the Seven Kingdoms; they end up owning it.)  Their morality may be questionable, but they’re completely financially sound.

Baratheons–Grab Your Button Here!

Oh, the Baratheons.  This is the house most Americans today would fit into.  The three brothers steal from tomorrow to pay for today.  Robert does it for tourneys and wine and all kinds of fanfare.  Renly does it for amazing clothes and to celebrate with the knights of summer before they’ve even faced a real battle.  I know what you’re thinking:  what about staunch Stannis?  He’s the worst of them all, as far as I’m concerned.  He sells his soul to the devil to kill his brother, buying power.  That’s going to catch up with you.  Like wreckless spending does on our modern  day credit report.


Starks–Grab Your Button Here!

The Starks are pretty good with their resources.  They have one flaw that causes their downfall:  their honor/loyalty.  Morally, it’s a great thing.  But it doesn’t get you far in GOT world.  Sometimes in finances it can be the same way.  Numbers can be cruelly unforgiving.  Have a friend or family member you just can’t say no to when they ask for money you know they won’t pay back?  Keep spending more money on your favorite brand even in circumstances where you know the cheaper one is going to get the job done just as well?  How about a girl you marry because you slipped and slept with her, even though you know it’s going to piss off the Freys?

Arryns–Grab Your Button Here!
This is admittedly a category I’m writing solely on Lysa Arryn, because you don’t get to know Jon too well and his wife is just too crazy.  She uses all of her resources.  Okay, she doesn’t just use them; she hoards them.  She cuts off relationships with her whole family because she’s convinced they’ve got nothing but trouble for her.  She’s paranoid, and selfish, but frugal to the max.  This lady breastfeeds her eight-year-old.  She courts a ton of different men to win their gifts with no intentions of marrying them.  She keeps her soldiers close to guard her and hers abandoning those who need her, much like misers guard their cash resources.  If  you won’t buy something unless it’s 50% off, even though you could afford it at full price, you may be Lysa Arryn.  If you refuse to enjoy life because you don’t take any risks, you may be Lysa Arryn.  On the upside, you’re incredibly in control of you finances as she was of the Vale, for better or worse.

Greyjoys–Get Your Button Here!
Do you pay the iron price?  Or gold?  There’s good things about the iron price:  you’ve really got to earn it.  The bad thing:  it can equate to piracy or thievery.  Download movies from the internet?  Bad kraken. Shoplift or rob?  Worse kraken.  Work really hard for everything you have in life?  That can be positive.  You can go to school for free by earning merit based scholarships and grants.  No shame in that.  Work hard at your job to earn your promotion without kissing butt?  I think Balon would be proud.  And I don’t think Ned Stark would have an issue with it either.   

10 thoughts on “Game o’ Thrones: Which House do your finances put you in?

    1. femmefrugality

      I feel like I don’t know enough about their finances. The Targaryens are all over the place from the Mad King who left tons of gold in the kingdom to the beggar prince to Dany who somehow makes things work out of nothing; no consistency. And the Tyrells…I feel like they’re similar to the Lannisters except maybe they have kinder hearts? All I know is they have money and after they joined the Lannisters King’s Landing had access to food again.

      Which house did you get?

      I’m going to get you that post soon, too. 🙂

  1. Matt

    Hahaha, I couldn’t resist a quiz like this! I’m partly Lannister with Stark running a close second – Seven save us! One thing I’m a little surprised about – no mention of the Stark’s rainy day fund, based on their insistence that “winter is coming?”


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