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Box o' coupons

Internet coupons are amazing. I’m not an extreme couponer, but I do use coupons. If I happen across an insert I’ll clip them for things we usually buy. Then before I go I type everything on my list into a coupon database on-line. These are the things I’ll be buying anyways, so I might as well take 5 minutes to find out if there’s any savings on them.

Note I’ll take 5 minutes. Not 5 hours. By using a database, I don’t have to scour my search engine results to  find a deal.  I had an old post linking to a great database, but sadly I had to take it down as the database isn’t there anymore.

GOOD NEWS!  Now I can do it on my own blog!  And so can you.  Before you head to the grocery store, try inputting your items into the database by clicking the “Coupon Database” tab at the top of the blog.  (It’s right next to guest posts.)  Just type in your item and click “Search.”  Pretty amazing.

This new feature is powered by Savings Angel.  Pretty awesome site.  Aside from providing the database, they also have a deal-alert system you can sign up for.  You pay a membership fee, and then they send you a notification when the products you shop for are on sale and/or have coupons at the stores you shop at.  Say you want to know when diapers are on sale.  Only diapers.  And only at Giant Eagle.  And only when you can get them for 50% of what the normal price is.  They can do that.  You pick how many and which items you want notifications for.  You pick the stores you want to receive alerts for. You pick the percentage of savings you want them to contact you about.  (For me, 10% off isn’t something I need to know about.)  Pretty cool.

Hope the new database helps your grocery budget!  And that the weekend finds you all well!

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