Father’s Day Gifts for Sports Fans Under $20

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! And I’ve got a great roundup of Father’s Day gifts for sports fans for you!

While it’s good to celebrate Dad, buying gifts should always be done within your budget. I’m not encouraging you to be a cheapskate — if you can afford something very expensive that would add value to his life, go for it.

But if your budget is a little tighter, know that you’re not alone and that you can still get the father in your life something he’ll appreciate without draining  your bank account.

Here’s a Father’s Day Gift Guide for some inspiration. Keeping in mind that budgets may be tight, everything is under $20. And everything is sports-themed.

MLB Watches

MLB San Diego Padres Men's Spirit Watch

Price: $19.99 – $24.99, depending on team.
Where to get it: Bed Bath & Beyond

Our perception of time has undergone a wild makeover in 2020. Help Dad keep track with this affordable watch from Bed Bath & Beyond. Featured here is San Diego‘s watch, but you can pick his favorite team.

Michael Jordan Motivational Poster

Price: $5.72
Where to get it: TrayFivePrints

If you didn’t spend five straight Sundays — including Mother’s Day — watching The Last Dance, go back and binge watch it now.

We could all use a little bit of this particular Michael Jordan energy in our lives right now. A lot of our own weaknesses are exposed in this moment of uncertainty and strife. I’m not talking about physical or monetary status right now. That’s mostly out of your control in the current climate.

But if we take this moment to reflect on our own characters, we can turn some of those flaws we have into strengths. Your money and your health can be taken from you. But your character cannot.

Father’s Day Golf Tees

Price: $9.98
Where to get it: XcaliburInk

Golf is supposed to be the safest sport to engage in right now — if social distancing is properly practiced. If Dad is choosing to visit the links, these tees will make his day!

Hockey Stick BBQ Spatula & Bottle Opener

Price: $14.99
Where to get it: Requipd

Requipd is a cool Etsy shop that takes hockey sticks and turns them into tools — primarily for grilling out. With its hockey stick handle, this spatula also serves as a bottle opener.

Greatest Plays Mug

Price: $15.00
Where to get it: PlaybookProducts

These mugs feature the four best plays from MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams. You can also pick from soccer teams and many college sports teams. PlaybookProducts also has slate coasters, poster and iPhone cases featuring some of the best plays of all time.

Featured here is the play that gave the Steelers one for the other thumb in ’09. Right before this play happened, I was sitting in a ‘Steelers Nation’ Bar packed full of Cardinals fans screaming at them bout our 4th quarter stats. I knew we had it, even though we were down.


I’m obsessed with Pittsburgh sports. But it’s really just an example. Whoever your team is, PlaybookProducts has a coaster set that features their best.

13 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts for Sports Fans Under $20

  1. Emily @ JohnJaneDoe

    Since Father’s Day is also Little Bit’s 6th birthday this year, my husband will likely not be the center of attention. I think he prefers it that way. I have tried to identify a gift he’d like to compensate, but he says he does not really want the things he’s expressed interest in (Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, FitBit). So we may just hit an appropriate for all movie before Little Bit’s family birthday dinner (the big peer party is going to be the day before.)

  2. Becky@frametofreedom

    These are great ideas! I love the “why you are awesome” book! How cute is that for the kids to come up with their own story! Thanks for sharing!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Glad you enjoyed, Becky! And that’s one of my faves, too. Something he’d keep forever I’m sure!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Look into it! There are SO many places….I can only imagine living in a suburb of NYC how much is available to you!

  3. Cathy @MonetizeMyMins

    Since I don’t live near my father, I have created a fun (and cost effective) gift tradition around Father’s Day. I get online (often Amazon works) and look for a unique coffee brand for him to try. He loves coffee, and there are some really unique kinds out there with some hilarious names. It gets him something he’ll use and enjoy without breaking the bank.

  4. Adriana @MoneyJourney

    My dad collects beer steins, so whenever my sister and I panic on what to get him on special occasions, we know we can never go wring with these! They’re quite costly, but seeing how we rarely get him anything else anyway (we both live hundreds of miles away from home), an occasional splurge can’t hurt 🙂


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