Father’s Day Gift Guide Under $20

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On a budget, but still want to get dad something he'll love? Check out this Father's Day Gift Guide where everything is under $20.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while it’s good to celebrate Dad, buying gifts should always be done within your budget. I’m not encouraging you to be chinsy. If you can afford something very expensive that would add value to his life, go for it. But if your budget is a little tighter, know that you’re not alone and that you can still get the father in your life something he’ll appreciate without draining  your bank account.

Here’s a Father’s Day Gift Guide for some inspiration. Keeping in mind that budgets may be tight, everything is under $20.

 MLB Watches

MLB San Diego Padres Men's Spirit Watch

Because this is ‘Murica and we love baseball.

Price: The majority of teams cost $19.99. For some weird reason, a few teams cost $24.99, like our beloved Pirates.

Where to get it: Bed Bath & Beyond

Pour and Shoot Mug

Pour and Shoot MugPerfect for all the Dads out there who are photographers–amateur all the way to professional. Help bring their day “into focus” with this clever coffee mug.

Price: $17.99

Where to get it: ModCloth


3-in-1 Soap for Men

Soap for Men - Cedar and CitrusSimplify his grooming routine with this 3-in-1 soap. It serves as shampoo, body wash and shaving “cream,” if you will. It’s all natural and smells manly.

Price: $6.95

Where to get it:  Thrive Market. This is a membership site, which is how their prices are so crazy low, but you get a free, 30-day trial to start so you can get this at the lower price without risk.

The Heroic Adventures of Super Dad Planner/Notebook

Super Dad Day Planner, Notebook, or Address BookTotally customizable with your own pic and <3(child’s name). Sure to make any dad feel good, and either document his journey or keep track of his Super Dad schedule.

Price: Starts at $16.00

Where to get it: Minted

Portable Lap Desk

Portable Lap Desk with Wrist Pad in Silver/BlackDid you know that using a laptop actively receiving a WiFi signal causes a decrease in sperm mobility and can even cause the sperm to no longer be viable? Well, now you do. If dad wants to be a dad again, or even just doesn’t want his computer messing with his reproductive parts, one way to cut back on the damage is using a lap desk. This one’s built for ergonomics FTW.

Price: $19.99

Where to get it: Bed Bath & Beyond

What Mon Mari Frugality Will Be Getting

Every year, we go with experiences for Father’s Day. The kids make some type of craft that costs us $0, and then we spend the day together. One year when I was not capable of leaving the house, he went on a Ducky Tour of the city with his offspring. Another year we all went to the zoo where dads get in for free on Father’s Day.

As our kids get older, this is getting admittedly more expensive. While we used to just have to pay for me or sometimes me and the husband to get in, now my kids are above the age where they get in everywhere for free. So we’re not in the $20 range anymore.

But if you would rather spend time together than give a gift, remember that spending time together can be the greatest gift. And there’s tons of ways to do that on the cheap.

13 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide Under $20

  1. Emily @ JohnJaneDoe

    Since Father’s Day is also Little Bit’s 6th birthday this year, my husband will likely not be the center of attention. I think he prefers it that way. I have tried to identify a gift he’d like to compensate, but he says he does not really want the things he’s expressed interest in (Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, FitBit). So we may just hit an appropriate for all movie before Little Bit’s family birthday dinner (the big peer party is going to be the day before.)

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Glad you enjoyed, Becky! And that’s one of my faves, too. Something he’d keep forever I’m sure!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Look into it! There are SO many places….I can only imagine living in a suburb of NYC how much is available to you!

  2. Cathy @MonetizeMyMins

    Since I don’t live near my father, I have created a fun (and cost effective) gift tradition around Father’s Day. I get online (often Amazon works) and look for a unique coffee brand for him to try. He loves coffee, and there are some really unique kinds out there with some hilarious names. It gets him something he’ll use and enjoy without breaking the bank.

  3. Adriana @MoneyJourney

    My dad collects beer steins, so whenever my sister and I panic on what to get him on special occasions, we know we can never go wring with these! They’re quite costly, but seeing how we rarely get him anything else anyway (we both live hundreds of miles away from home), an occasional splurge can’t hurt 🙂


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