Father’s Day for Free

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For years, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio had free admission for dads on Father’s Day.  (As long as someone else came along and paid admission.)  We went.  It was perfect.  We were in town anyways for a wedding, so we took advantage of the deal.  Canton’s really not far from Pittsburgh, so even if they weren’t running the deal it would have been worth the trip.  This year, sadly, they’re nixing the Father’s Day free admission for some father’s day football game training thing you have to pay $25 for.  Boo.  (Just FYI, kids five and under always get to go for free.)


This year the Pittsburgh Zoo has free admission for all fathers as long as they bring their kids along.  I think it would be a fun way to spend some family time together, and the free admission would clear up some budget room for showering him with gifts when you get home.

To find something free to do in your city, search “(your city here) father’s day free admission”.

23 thoughts on “Father’s Day for Free

  1. Daisy

    All great ideas! I am terrible – I don’t even know what day fathers day is. I’ll probably just give my dad a call. He’s never been very concerned about fathers day.

    1. femmefrugality

      Haha it’s the seventeenth this year. The boyfriend says he wants to go out and play golf…DC is so young that I guess it doesn’t matter and he should get a day to do something for himself. :p

  2. AverageJoe

    Yeah, Frugal Tuesday! This year I get the ultimate Father’s Day gift. My family is going to be OUT OF TOWN on Father’s Day, leaving me all alone. I used to think that would stink. I love my family and all, but a DAY ALONE? Priceless.

  3. Meredith

    Good idea! I never thought about trying to look up stuff that is specifically free for Father’s Day–might open up some doors for us. Thanks 🙂

  4. Modest Money

    That’s pretty cool that they have special Father’s Day promotions like that. Unfortunately my dad lives pretty far from me. So he’s gonna have to settle for a phone call.

  5. Michelle

    We might actually go to the zoo for Jeff’s birthday or Father’s Day this year (they’re close together) because it’s always free…and they have a new sea lion exhibit! <--dorkiest sentence I've ever typed? Mmm...probably not.


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