Could a Family Mobile Plan Save You Money?

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family plan save money

All of us depend on our mobile phone in our day and age. Not just as a telephone, but in many cases they help us plan our life, catch up with friends and even book holidays. Business owners certainly can’t be without their phone, and increasingly parents are using them to make sure that their children stay safe when they are not around.

Whatever the reason for needing a mobile phone, they can certainly be expensive items that require a considerable amount of the household income every month.

Consider your usage

Like all household services and utilities it is really important to give your mobile phone plan a check up every so often to ensure that what you have is still good value for money. A great time to do this is when your present contract ends. At this time you are likely to think about getting a new phone, perhaps passing on your present handset to someone else in your family, or even selling it.

The first step in saving money as a family by having a family mobile plan is to really assess your usage. There are websites out there that will tell you which plans are available based on how much data, minutes and texts you are using.

You can find this information by looking at your most recent bill. This will help you to understand your usage more closely, and work out exactly what you are paying for the services you are receiving. Having this information will help you to select a new carrier or plan that is better value for your money.

While using a comparison website to compare deals across mobile phone providers, remember that not all deals are on all comparison sites. It may be worth your time to shop around directly with carriers to get these deals after you’ve completed your preliminary search.

You can also speak to your current provider and see what they will offer you. If you are happy with your present handset then of course it is worth keeping that. Ask about signing up for a SIM-only deal. This can help to lower your monthly payment considerably.

Get all your family added to your mobile plan

Once you have a mobile deal that you are happy with, it’s time to get the rest of the family signed up with you on a family plan–or shared plan as some providers call it. This is a great way to save money. Most of the large mobile providers will give you a considerable discount when you add more lines and handsets to your account.

It will always be cheaper than everyone in your family having their own mobile account. The time to do this is when everyone’s contract runs out. You can then take out a new monthly deal and have a new handset as part of your account.

Advantages and Disadvantages to a family mobile plan

This can work really well for most families. It enables you to monitor your children’s phone usage, and can be a great way to keep them safe. Many mobile operators will also cap your data allowance so it is impossible to go over the allowance. When you get close you will receive a text letting you know so you can alter your usage or increase you allowance.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to such a plan. The main one is that most family deals will rely on one direct debit payment each month. This means that if someone in your family does have a large bill one month then you will always be responsible for paying it. You can have them reimburse after the fact

Again, however, it is possible to cap this usage with most phone providers and is really worth doing to make sure that this is managed effectively.

Family mobile plans, therefore, could be a great benefit to your whole family and mean that you can collectively pay considerably less than if you were on individual contracts. It can help keep your family safe, too. However, it’s important to properly manage it in order to prevent surprises when your bill arrives.



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