Being Thankful for Everything That Stinks

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everything stinks

This post started out as a list of things I was thankful for.  It was stupid.  It was a good exercise for me on a personal level, but it’s not anything anyone would want to read.

So let’s instead talk about everything that stinks.

We’re coming up on the deluge of holiday consumerism.  It’s crazy; we have one day a year to express gratitude, and we promptly follow it by fighting each other over kids’ toys and buying all this stuff we don’t really need, or things for others that they don’t really want.

But it is does give a temporary boost to the economy.

It’s cold out.  I seriously don’t know how you did it last week if you’re from Buffalo.  The snow’s going to start sticking and we’re all going to have to drive in that and it’s awful.  I wish for perpetual Spring.

But the cold weather does cause a significant drop in crime rates.

Sometimes our money is tight.  We work our bums off, and then sometimes the numbers from all of our variable incomes just don’t turn out to be what they’re supposed to be.

But we have an emergency fund.  And things have never been so bad that we’ve had to send our kids to bed hungry.

I want a house.  With a yard.  With enough bedrooms for everybody.  It’s years off at the closest.

But I do have shelter for  my family.  Regular, consistent, shelter.  And that’s not something everyone is able to say.

I am crazy busy.  And lately it’s been really hard to feel zen about it.  So much to do, so little time.  There are things on my to-do list everyday that don’t get crossed off, and tons more things get piled on daily.  Happy Holidays.

The holidays I’ll be spending with my family.  Because I am so lucky to have them close.  And they provide me with infinite help.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything crossed off my to-do list without them.  And the length of that list?  It’s just evidence of how lucky I am to have work that pays while others are without.


Now I want to ask you something.  You can answer it in your head.  You can answer it in the comments.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Here it is:

On the eve of all things thankful,

What goes here?

And what goes here?




17 thoughts on “Being Thankful for Everything That Stinks

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    I celebrated Thanksgiving about a month ago, but I’ll play along.

    It’s getting cold outiside and it’s getting really hard to entertain my Little Miss and I think I’m goingt o go nuts if I have to get under that blanket to place house one more time.

    But I really wouldn’t trade anything to be able to see her face light up when I do and I’m so thankful to be able to spend my days making her happy.

  2. Jason @ Islands of Investing

    I love this perspective Femme, not just being thankful for the obvious good things in our lives, but even for the more ‘stinky’ things. And what’s even better is for every negative comment above, there’s probably another 10 positive comments you could come up with.

    I’ve been a little negative about having to go to work lately, and not wanting to be there, but there are so many positive things about it (even ignoring the money which obviously brings many other great things into my life), like great colleagues, nice facilities, some flexibility in how I work, amazing bosses, usually interesting, challenging work…. it really is amazing when you just tweak your perspective slightly!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!



    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      So true! In addition to lower crime rates, I’m going to finally teach my husband to ski this winter. For less than $75 for the both of us.. all day lift tickets.

      And I hear you on the work thing. That change of perspective can not only make us grateful, but happier.

  3. Kassandra (@MoreThanJusMony)

    Playing along: I truly miss the Great White North and living in Montreal near my family and awesome friends. Everything I liked and complained about felt just right. Yet I am thankful that finally, after years of living long distance that this year I am able to live with my DH in the US.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you despite what stinks!

  4. Petrish @ Debt Free Martini

    Hey…I miss the old United States. It’s cool living in Japan, but coming from a Jamaican culture for this Thanksgiving I would love to be around my family and eating some of that yum-yum ethnic food….Hey….Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Mel

    On the eve of all things thankful,
    Just be still,
    And be thankful.

    Which is way harder than it seems. I agree that there’s often a silver lining in the difficult situations in life. Happy people seem to be able to gravitate right to that silver lining and hold on to it… I’m usually not one of those people.

  6. Britnee

    I love this post. I felt the same way when I started to write my Thankful post for m 52 Week post. Then decided to go a different route. I love this post and so can relate to what you are saying.

  7. Caitlin

    Great way to look at it! There’s always a silver lining… even if it’s tinnnnnnyyyyy. I didn’t know this either: “But the cold weather does cause a significant drop in crime rates.” but I guess that makes sense!

    I really think Black Friday is weird and find it to be kinda gross. Just mass consumerism. I’m not talking about shopping on black friday but the ones that are like in a fist fight at walmart at 2 am after thanksgiving. what the hell?

    PS is that you in the photo? Pretty girl!


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