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Over the past eight weeks, we have discussed my top tips for saving for a Walt Disney World vacation. This week, we will go over a few questions and comments than came up during these articles.

“I remember breezing by a line for the Tomorrowland cars with my fast pass when a guy stopped me. He had a miserable looking family (it was a hot day). He said, “How much did you have to pay for that fast pass? I need to get one of those.” I hated to tell him the truth, “It’s free.” As I walked away I could hear his wife just starting to chide him, “I told you we should have asked somebody sooner!”” -Average Joe

That poor man! This is great point as well, as many people do not know what the Fast Pass System is or how it works. Say you and your family decide you want to ride a popular ride, such as the Tomorrowland Cars in this example and head over there around noon. You get to the line queue, but there is a 90-minute wait time! Next to the wait time sign, there is a Fast Pass Return Time that reads 2:05 PM to 3:05 PM. You can head over to the Fast Pass machines (usually located next to the line queue entrance). Insert your Key to the World cards or park tickets for each member of your family into the machine and it will give you back a Fast Pass ticket with the return time stamped on it. Come back to ride during the return time and give your tickets to the cast member at the Fast Pass entrance. You will now be able to ride the ride with minimum wait (usually less than 15 minutes). One thing to keep in mind, you are restricted as to how many Fast Passes you can have at a given time. The time in which you can get your next Fast Pass will be printed on the bottom of your Fast Pass.

“How does one find an authorized Disney Vacation Planner?” -Stefanie

Disney is very strict when it comes to use of the term Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. A travel agency must be invited by Disney to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and must meet a certain criteria in order to be invited. Only agencies, not individual agents, can use the term. For example, Destinations in Florida is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Individual agents who work for a company that is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner can only refer to themselves as Disney Vacation Specialist. All travel agents who work for an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency must go through a Disney training program and pass in order to be certified. It’s a little strange, but it’s Disney’s rule so we have to follow it.

“I really want to go on a Disney Cruise!” -Holly

Disney Cruises are a great way to get a magical Disney experience, but in a more relaxed environment. I can help you plan the perfect Disney Cruise, or any other cruise for that matter! I am a full service travel agent, so I can help you book and plan anything anywhere in the world. I just specialize in Disney and Orlando travel. As always, my services are 100% FREE for you to use!

“I love Disney but I rarely go. It always seems so confusing to me.” -Monica

There are so many options when it comes to a Disney vacation, it can be overwhelming and confusing. I hope this series helped make it a little less confusing. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to help!

“I live a couple hours away so I can get to Disney anytime but it’s always so crowded. I’m usually looking for less crowded days.” -Monica

I’m still daydreaming of the day when I can live that close to Disney World! I’m with you on looking for the less crowded days. February and September are the absolute least crowded months to go to Disney World. Obviously Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are going to be busier that Monday through Thursday. If there is ever a specific day you are planning on visiting a specific park, I can always check the crowd prediction calendars for you to get an idea of how crowded that park will be that day. I can also look at the crowd prediction calendars for a weekly basis as well. For example, my family and I are planning an October 2014 Disney World vacation. My stepdaughter will have two weeks off that month. The first week she is off has a low crowd prediction, while the second week has a moderate crowd prediction. Obviously, we are planning on going the first week of her vacation.

“I have a few friends that have stayed at onsite resorts. Some enjoyed it and others think it’s a waste of money. Just depends on what you are looking for.” -Thomas

You are absolutely correct; it does depend on what you are looking for. I have done both, on-site and off-site, and I personally loved staying on site. I will never stay at an off-site hotel again. That being said, not everyone shares my feelings and prefers staying off-site. Whatever your preference, we can make sure you get a Disney vacation that is perfect for you and your family’s needs.

“I want to take my kids but I am going to wait until they get a little older.” Alexa

If you only plan on taking your kids to Disney World once, I completely agree with this. You want to make sure they remember the trip forever. Some people think the best age for a one time Disney vacation is between 5-9; however, I think because each child is different, it is best to for the parent to decide. My girls were 11 and 2 on their first Disney vacation. We chose to take them when we did for a few reasons. We wanted to go while my 11 year old could still appreciate it, and not when she was a moody teenager who thought it was lame. I know she will always remember it. My little one on the other hand was only two. Surprisingly, she does still remember parts of it. I don’t think she always will remember, but I know she had just as much fun as her big sister. Plus children two and under are FREE at Disney World, and we all like FREE, right?

I want to thank Femme Frugality for allowing me to share my tips for saving money on Disney vacation with you and to you for following along. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Alexia is a Disney Vacation Specialist for Destinations in Florida. When she is not helping plan magical vacations you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

And I want to thank Alexia for sharing her vast knowledge with us over the past couple of months!  If you’re still finding yourself with questions or are feeling overwhelmed with the whole planning process, get in contact with Alexia by requesting a quote via my link or the button in the sidebar.  Thank you for all your questions and participation!


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8 thoughts on “Disney Travel Q&A

  1. Average Joe

    I’m with you: I love the onsite resorts. The last time we went we stayed at the Contemporary (my wife’s company was paying) and WOW! What an incredible experience.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      I had a really good experience at on on site resort, too. We stayed at the New Orleans themed one. Another time I went with a group and we stayed off-site. The company made it fun, but for family trips I think I’ll continue to prefer staying on-site.

  2. SuburbanFInance

    I’m so not a fan of Disney. I find it over-commercialized and the messages that the movies send children (particularly little girls) is sad. However, I don’t have kids yet so maybe that’s why! I get that it’s a good, family friendly vacation.


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