Diapers that Suck

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I’m not a diaper snob.  I’ve changed enough diapers to know that if you can put one on properly, they all do the same thing.  Maybe I should clarify.  I’ve changed enough kids’ diapers…cleaning adults’ diapers is something for people with bigger hearts and stronger stomachs than mine. Anyways, my favorite brand is whatever’s on sale.  Because there’s no use in spending a ton of money on something that someone is going to poop in.  Really.

The last pack of diapers I bought contradict my diaper ethos.  I do like Huggies a lot, but I won’t buy them unless they are on sale and Huggies has mailed me coupons.  That was my plan when I went into Rite Aid.  Then I saw the Rite Aid Brand, Tugaboos, on sale.  Two packages of 42 diapers for $15.  They were the cheapest.  So I bought them.

They suck.  Not that they leak.  I know how to put a diaper on, so my diapers don’t leak.  But they don’t absorb anything.  Not even pee.  When the pee doesn’t get absorbed, you get diaper rashes galore.  And you spend more money on the Desitin you have to apply than you would have just buying…any other brand of diapers.  Regretting my purchase.

The only other diapers I won’t buy are Pampers Dry Max because of the huge scandal that happened about last year that they still refuse happened.  Babies were getting chemical burns on their bums and other areas because of whatever formula they used to make their diapers.  And Pampers is still incredibly unapologetic.

Are you a diaper snob?  What are your favorites/least favorites?  Or are you like me and generally don’t care?

7 thoughts on “Diapers that Suck

  1. Maria

    I too am a Huggies fan. I always to try to find them on sale but that doesn’t always happen. If all else fails, I always go to Dollar General when they offer a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. I purchase 2 packs of Huggies for $10 each and 2 wipes at $2.50 each and use my $5 coupon. $20 for 2 packs of diapers and 2 wipes isn’t bad. Hopefully, this will be an option for you.

  2. Dmarie

    DD has found Target diapers bought in bulk to be cheaper than the major brands, but when Grandbaby is over here, we use cloth on her. (When Hubby & I take her with us tho’, we use disposables and I swallow the guilt.)

  3. Miss Caitlin S.

    well, I’m not a mom but I worked in a daycare all through college after babysitting my entire youth so I do know that diapers are mostly made the same. However, I found that the cheapest of the cheapest brands were always a bit itchy on the babies’ bums!

    I use wipes now for myself as I’m a toilet paper snob and for those, I usually go with what’s on sale. However the Huggies cucumber scent ones are my favorite.

  4. femmefrugality

    @DMarie–Target diapers are great. That’s awesome that you guys do cloth for her! My aunt did that. Honestly, the reason I don’t is lack of knowledge.
    @Miss Caitlin–Most of my diaper changing experience comes from the early education/babysitting realm as well. That’s too funny that you use wipes! Thinking about it, they probably are cheaper than tp anyways as you wouldn’t use as many…and way more comfy!

  5. Lindy Mint

    I was a Pampers snob with my first son. With my second, I switched to Target brand and have been completely satisfied. Though they aren’t as luxurious as Pampers, they do the job.

    Sorry to hear the Rite Aid brand was no good.


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