Decals Brighten Up Stores and Neighborhoods in New York

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Decals are being used extensively in NYC by communities and businesses as a cheaper, brighter and more creative form for branding, sharing information or simply decorating. Thanks to their transfer surface, decals are an outstanding way of utilizing every inch of space, as the many separate parts (like letters or patterns) can be attached on the target location exactly as they were designed, say experts at New York Sign Group. For space-crunched New York, wall and window decals are boon.

What are Decals?

Decals are like stickers but a bit more complicated than that. A sticker usually refers to an adhesive product that you simply peel off from the backing paper and stick. Decals, on the other hand, are transferred from one surface to another and can be custom made for walls as well as windows. They can be anything; from a quote to a logo to just about anything you can imagine.

Different Kinds of Decals

Decals can be used on windows as well as walls. A quick walk down any neighborhood in NYC reveals a whole range of creatively designed custom wall decals. Vinyl graphic work can be used for wall lettering. Wall decals in NYC, however, don’t have a very long life due to the weather of the city and the nature of its residents. Also, since walls tend to be uneven due to the use of grainy cement and mortar and there are a whole host of other signage options available for walls, decals are more commonly used on windows or doors.

In NYC, vinyl window decals have various uses. They can be used for storefront advertising using images and text and/or as information display for details such as store hours. In fact, custom-designed die-cut vinyl window decals that are a mono-color showcase of the brand’s logo/tagline are a common sight all over NYC.

Best used on glass, decals work on other smooth or laminated surfaces including plastic or metal and can be used indoors as well as outdoors depending on the NYC neighborhood you are in. Decals can be semi-permanent or reusable and depending on the kind of material used, they may or may not use adhesive. Of course, if it is décor that you have used window decals for, know that it is one of those pretty but stubborn things that won’t easily come off!

Decals Are a Clear Choice

Whether it is for commercial or residential/personal use, wall and window decals in NYC are a quick and easy option when you have absolute clarity about what you need and where. Other formats of signages and notices like physical frames can be moved around from one corner to another but the same is not possible with decals. Decals are also considered a more modern and static form of advertising. But since they are cheaper to design and print, they can really perk up a window or wall that otherwise would just lay bare.

Decals are cost-effective products that are easy to use. No wonder then that businesses are increasingly using them to promote their brand.

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