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I know it’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m here to talk about Christmas shopping.

Forgive me.

I’ve found in years past that shopping ahead of time and throughout the year makes the holiday season way less stressful on my wallet. While I’m not always perfect at this, it is always the goal.

This year is particularly interesting. I’m finding that more and more online retailers who traditionally offer Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals are extending the savings throughout a larger chunk of the month of November. Some retailers are going to have additional price cuts on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, while for some this appears to be the same deal extended throughout the entirety of the sales period.

I digress. The point is, sales season seems to be getting longer, so you can start shopping now instead of when you’re in a turkey coma.

As I’ve been shopping myself, I’ve indexed a few of my favorites from these nouveau-leisurely deals.

AncestryDNA + AncestryHealth

AncestryDNA is consistently the deal you guys get most excited about each year. I think it’s a really cool tool. I know it’s told our family more about our own history, and has opened the door for a ton of cool reader stories, too.

This year, you can get AncestryDNA for $59 through 11/27. On top of that, Ancestry is providing a couple new tools this year.

If you purchase any time through 12/31, you can get the new traits feature for just $10. Normally it’s an extra $20 charge.

If you’re looking for something more health-oriented, Ancestry has come out with a product to up their competitiveness in this arena. You can now upgrade your AncestryDNA test — whether it’s new or existing — to AncestryHealth.

If you’re purchasing a new test, it’s $149. However, if you want to just add this service to your existing AncestryDNA sample, you can upgrade for just $49.

Entertainment Coupon Books

Did anyone else’s mom introduce this as a frugal hack in their childhood? Entertainment coupon books provide you with a bunch of big savings for your purchases at restaurants, local attractions, hotels, services and more. We always made up the cost of the book within two family meals out.

Now through 3PM Eastern on 11/18, you can get your Entertainment Coupon Book for 30% off by using the following code:



We had our first snow here last night, so the horror of scraping ice off the car in the morning has hit me hard. As fortune or the Google algorithm would have it, I had an email in my inbox today notifying me that this nifty little tool was down in price from $43 to $27 for a six-pack. Not only that, but you can score free shipping on your Scrape-A-Round with promo code:


Leatherman for Mom

Every once in a while after moving out on my own, I realize there’s something I don’t have on hand. But I’m kind of cheap so I don’t always spend money on an actual solution.

Ask me where the bottle opener is and I’ll direct you to the messed up fork in the drawer, its prongs pointed every which direction.

Ask me where the can opener is and I’ll provide you with a simple solution: I don’t eat things out of cans at this point in my life.

Ask me where the corkscrew is and I’ll ask you what one looks like. I’m a recent convert to wine consumption, and admit that it’s not a habit I engage in enough to understand how the twisty tool is supposed to work.

The moral of the story is I should invest in some tools — particularly kitchen tools. But instead, I’m probably going to put them on my Christmas list. I was excited when I saw this Swiss Army knife-like tool sans knife. I won’t be as concerned with it around my kids, and happens to be on sale for under $20.

Hint. Hint.

Nudge. Nudge.

Saatva Sheets

best place for organic cotton sheets

In case you didn’t hear, I’m madly in love with my Saatva sheets. They’re not necessarily the cheapest item, but they’re one that’s well-worth the money. I sleep so much better with them.

Right now through 12/10, they have a deal going on where you get $150 off of $1,000 in purchases. This is especially handy as Saatva makes big-ticket items like mattresses in additions to amazing cotton bedding. The discount is automatically applied when you use this link.

What deals are you eyeing? Let us know in the comments!

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