Dancing in the Rain at #Disney. And a #Giveaway.

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Before we get started today with some great content from Laura, I want to put the word out that I’m looking for some guest posts!  Disney-themed guest posts, that is.  If you’d like to share your family’s travel experience, I’d love to have you!  Check out the “About & Contact” tab above for my email.

There are two free, fun, tangible things about this post.  The first is that Laura is running a special right now.  Whenever you request a quote and book through her (the quote is free, as are all of her services,) every child in your party will receive a set of free Mickey Mouse ears!  This applies to all 2015 trips booked by August 30.

The second is another Disney watch giveaway….we had such a great response last time we decided to give everyone another shot at winning!  Check out the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post to enter, but only after Laura gets real about weather in central Florida:

dancing in the rain

Often when helping a guest plan their Disney vacation, I get questions about the weather.

“I just looked at the forecast and it’s supposed to rain every day we’re there! Should we cancel?”

Of course not! But definitely be prepared for rain (whether the forecast is calling for it or not!) Central Florida sees rain pretty much every day in the summer months. Usually it’s in the form of a quick shower or thunderstorm that blows through after half an hour or so. It’s a great excuse to enjoy a bit of a break from the crazy and take in a show or other indoor attraction. Has it been awhile since you’ve seen the Hall of Presidents or watched Impressions de France in Epcot? If you’re walking nearby and it starts to rain, get comfy in the cool darkness of the theater and enjoy your break. There’s a good chance the rain will be finished by the time you leave!

And if it does happen to be more of an all-day rain than a passing shower, you can still enjoy the day. The parks will be less crowded, and honestly, most of the attractions are indoors anyway—you’ll just have to be in the rain getting from place to place. Just be prepared and bring ponchos or umbrellas. Carry a backpack or other bag so you can put them away once you’re indoors and out of the elements.

And while it can be fun to splash in the puddles and dance in the rain—this makes for great memories, by the way—just plan ahead and be prepared. You probably don’t want to head into your dinner reservation at Be Our Guest in soaked clothes and shoes. That nice, cool air conditioning you were so looking forward to will give you quite a chill if you’re dripping wet. So save the puddle-hopping until you’re headed back to your room.

Rain is just a part of any Florida vacation. Plan for it and don’t let it stop you from having the trip of a lifetime. After all, a rainy day at Disney is better than a nice day at the office, right?


Laura is an agent with Destinations to Explore and, while she specializes in Disney and Orlando travel, she can book trips all over the world, at no cost to you! She is super excited to help you plan your next adventure

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20 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain at #Disney. And a #Giveaway.

  1. Kate

    I’ve been to Disney a few times as a kid. Back then, Magic Kingdom took the cake. But I think if I went back now, I’d enjoy Epcot a lot more.

    1. laschindler

      Epcot is a great park to enjoy, either as an adult or a kid (My 10-year-old daughter says it’s her favorite park!) But Magic Kingdom will probably always be my favorite.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      If you decide it’s time, be sure to talk to Laura! She works at zero cost to you, and finds all kinds of deals. Really takes the hassle out of planning.

  2. No Nonsense Landlord

    I went to Disney World a long time ago. It was a hot day. My friend and I took our shirts off, and we were told within about 30 seconds to put them back on. There are Disney CIA all over the park. And we were even in great shape, in our early 20s.

    So, behave in the park and obey the rules.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      I can see getting frustrated in that situation especially since it’s so hot. But I guess it’s better to enforce the rules across the board. Have you ever seen Trailer Park Boys? Randy. If they let you go around with your shirts off, I imagine they’d have a hard time convincing all the Randys out there to keep theirs on. 🙂

  3. Kalen

    When my wife and I went to Disney World, we ended up spending more time at Island of Adventure and Club Walk for some reason. I would like to go back and experience all of Disney World with my family now.

  4. Nicole Millheim

    I love love love Disney!!!! its been almost a year since I have been. My favorite park is the MGM park. I am planning a day trip up there in Nov and cant wait!!!!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      That’s awesome! Might be worth checking in with Laura to see if she can save you any money that day. Good luck in the giveaway!

  5. Kristin K

    When we took our kids to Walt Disney World a couple of years ago, it rained – a ton! Fortunately we came prepared with color-coded ponchos for each of us which made it easier to hand out the right sizes when it started pouring. We also wore closed toe sandals that would provide protection but would also dry out easily. All of the rain meant short lines and much cooler weather. The best part was getting to the Fantasmic show 15 minutes before it started and having a ton of empty seats to choose from because of people leaving early due to the heavy rains that had blown through.

  6. Ginger

    My family went to Disney World for our 6th trip in June. We plan to take a Disney Cruise next summer. Disney does everything well and we anticipate that the cruise will be no exception. Hopefully in two years we will be able to do an Adventures by Disney vacation!

  7. shelleyb

    Yes, I was able to take my boys for the first time to Walt Disney World April 2013. It’s amazing to witness their thrills with Pirate Ride and Haunted Mansion.


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