Current AncestryDNA Discount 4/24/15-4/27/15

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Last fall, in an effort to discover part of my children’s heritage, we took a DNA test.  An AncestryDNA test to be specific.  It was so incredibly cool.  To see how our results came out, genetic map and all, you can view this post I wrote about the experience.

We actually went back and did it again for another branch of the family, and that branch was more shocking than the first.  We found out there were some ancestors that most likely immigrated and emigrated as their culture rose to power and then fell, and they gently intermingled with the local people while they were there.

It also gave us confirmation of an ethnicity of genetic concern that they always ask you about when you’re filling out those initial pregnancy questionnaires at the doctor’s.  I’d always write in, “Maybe???” to which my doctors said, “WTH?” But if I ever go through that again,  I’ll be able to answer with a resounding “YES.”  Which isn’t really a good thing as far as genetic disorders are concerned, but it is good to go in with your eyes wide open.  And learning where you ancestors came from is crazy interesting just from an identity perspective.

Current AncestryDNA Discount

I know a lot of you really showed interest in this, so I signed up to be an affiliate, which allows me to get news about the newest and greatest deals to pass on to you.  (When you buy through these links, you support this blog and save yourself some money—thank you!)  Many of you have already tried it.  If so, would love if you shared your experience in the comments!

If you’ve been putting it off, or are like us and want to try another one, there’s some great news for you today.  For DNA Day, Ancestry is offering 20% off of all kits.  That’s a pretty steep discount as far as these kits are concerned.  And the time frame to get this discount is limited; you can only get it through 4/27, so don’t put it off too long!

You can get your 20% off discount here.

Want to see exactly what you’re getting into first?  Check out how our first experience went and why we went through it.  It truly is amazing what you can discover, finding out how you fit into history, and knowing what diseases you may be susceptible to because of your genetic makeup.

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4 thoughts on “Current AncestryDNA Discount 4/24/15-4/27/15

  1. The Frugal Exerciser

    My fraternal twin took her test in early February and DNA is really intriguing thing. Her breakdown was somewhat different from mine. Her admixture test was 63% Sub-Saharan African and 37% European. When I took it years ago, I was 58% Sub-Saharan African and 41% European and 1% Native American. I decided to order a test for myself because I would like to know my breakdown per country. Most of her DNA was from Nigeria and Benin and 10% was from my hubby’s original country of Cameroon. Her European DNA came from Western Europe, Great Britain and then Scandinavia. We knew about our Scandinavian heritage because of our ancestor named Johansson who changed his name to Johnson and he had a slave mistress, It was also amazing to see people who took the test and who we are related to. It was kind of interesting to reach out to a black third cousin and to reach to someone who was white but also a cousin too.

    1. femmefrugality

      That’s so interesting, Sheila! Your family’s story as well as the fact that your sister’s came back different from your own even though you’re twins! We did the second one on the oldest member of that branch of the family, but there’s also a sister… makes me want to ask her to take it too to see what turns up (or doesn’t!) Can’t thank you enough for sharing your story!!!

  2. kay ~

    Okay, now you got me wondering, especially after the Frugal Exerciser’s comment up there. I’m going in! (I’m guessing there’s a lot of moms out there hoping their kids don’t do these tests, if you know what I mean.) 😛

    1. femmefrugality

      Sheila’s story is crazy amazing, agreed! And if I remember correctly, that last part may especially apply to your family? Not your branch, but the other one. Let us know how the results come back… super interesting!!


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