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It’s Superbowl Sunday, and there’s a moderate storm headed to Pittsburgh.  I’m kind of happy about that; it’ll be nice to stay in and watch the game without stressing about appetizers and who’s driving who where.  I’d be singing a different tune if we had actually done anything in the playoffs, but we won’t go there.

As little as there is to celebrate in the realm of football, there’s lots of great stuff that went on on the internet this week.  Some of it’s from my awesome affiliates, most of it is from my awesome blogging friends:

Free Hotels

I recently booked a hotel for free!  We’re taking a week long beach vacation this year as a family, and it’s going to be awesome.  Most of the free-ness came from my Travel Pony credits.  (To see how they work and why they’re one of the cheapest places on the web to book hotels, you can read the review I did a while ago.)  The rest of it came from credit card rewards.  I write this not only to revel in my own win, but also because they’re running a special right now for NYC hotels that you can take advantage if you’re headed that way.  Their biggest deals are for hotels in big cities, anyways, but right now you can get an EXTRA $50 off your NYC hotel when the price tag comes out over $500.  Just use promo code 50off500NYC.  It’s good through 2/28/15.  Plus you get another $35 credit just for signing up through my link.  The savings are endless!

A Must-Hear Podcast

I’m really honored and excited to have been featured on Denise N LaRosa’s Mom Talk this week.  Denise runs a great podcast and blog dedicated to all things motherhood.  She’s looked at business, domestic violence, divorce, holistic health, education, and this week, finances.  Line it up for your morning commute tomorrow!

UPDATE: Now you can access the podcast RIGHT HERE.  Crazy!

A Shipping Expansion

A lot of you have decided to get your DNA tested with Ancestry after I wrote about my experience.  We actually went back and did it again for the other side of the family!  But I know a few of you live overseas, and Ancestry wasn’t shipping anywhere outside of the US.  Good news!  They’re now shipping to parts of the UK.  While my free shipping code in the sidebar only works in the US, the fact that you can get it delivered to the UK at all is a huge win.  Here’s to hoping for even more expansion! You can get AncestryDNA kits here.

Great Money Reads from Around the Web

Feel like there aren’t enough income opportunities coming your way?  Maybe you’re just not paying the pennies you encounter enough attention.  Check out this great post on the law of attraction via Budget and the Beach.

Joyce over at My Stay at Home Adventures has been rocking the blogging gig big time over the past few months.  She’s been kind enough to share some great advice with me along the way, but the thing that really changed things for her was reading one, single book.  If you’re a blogger, you may want to check out which one it was.

Do you think you could live on $18,540 a year?  Sam over at does, and he shares the realities of it, both good and bad, here.

Petrish makes a big life decision over on Debt Free Martini.  And continues to kick debt’s butt.  And keeps it coming with the clever cartoons.  I’m excited for where she’s going.

In case you missed it here on Femme Frugality on Monday, Kayla from Shoeaholic No More put together a great price comparison of groceries across the country.  I was stunned by the results.  Even if you didn’t miss it, you should check out her recap, because she has some great perspective and great tips.  As did all the other bloggers involved!


Take care and drive safe if you’re going out amongst all the festivities.  Go Seahawks?

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