Conquer Your Finances–for Less

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This Conquer Your Finances course looks awesome! Totally doing it this month while it's on mega sale.

We’re all at different points in our financial journeys. Some of us are focused on earning more income. Others are paying off tons of debt. Some have no clue where to even begin.

All of that is okay. The first step to fixing a problem is realizing that you have one. After your epiphany, though, you need to step it up. You need to educate yourself so you can get into action and make things better.

My fellow personal finance blogger, Liz from Friday Night Shenanigans, has been there herself. Drowning in student loan debt, she educated herself and got into action. In two short years, she’s paid off all of her credit card debt, one of her student loans and 60% of her car loan–totaling over $20,000 in debt payoff.

Liz is also awesome in other areas of personal finance. Back when I was running The Frugality Challenge, Liz was our winningest competitor. She’s got frugality, DIY-ing, side hustling and saving for big goals down.

She couldn’t keep all this knowledge to herself, though. She wanted to disseminate and share. So she made a course to help the masses: Conquer Your Finances.

You may remember that we did a webinar a little over a month ago on the debt payoff aspect of the course. But that’s certainly not all it covers. There are also modules on:

  • Organizing your finances and getting a clear picture of where they currently stand
  • Saving money
  • Student loan hacks
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement accounts
  • Practiced frugality
  • Earning more income

What I love about Conquer Your Finances is that Liz doesn’t just tell you how to do each of these things–she gives you outside tools, actionable advice and super fancy yet easy-to-use worksheets to help you meet your goals. The amount of original and useful content is truly worth the course’s normal cost of $97.

But there’s a sale!

In honor of Liz’s birthday, she’s temporarily reduced the price to $29. That’s like WTH savings. To get in on the great price, just use promo code BIRTHDAY2016. If $29 is a lot for you, you can also get on a payment plan using code BIRTHDAY29 at checkout.

I’m super pumped to see Femme Frugality readers conquer their finances. Let me know how your journey is going!



*This post contains affiliate links.*

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