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Saatva Black Friday Deals 2022: The Best Sleep of My Life

A few years ago, this company called Saatva reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their products. They sent me some sheets and pillows, and honestly it’s been the best sleep of my life ever since.

Saatva also makes things like mattresses and comforters. I’ve been frequenting their shop ever since.

The thing about Saatva is that they’re incredibly high quality, but with that quality comes a relatively high price. These aren’t your typical Walmart sheets, so they’re going to cost you more than Walmart prices.

That’s why I try to shop Saatva when they’re having a sale. And, boy, do they have some great ones.

One of their best annual sales is the Black Friday Sale. Here’s everything you can expect for the 2022 Saatva Black Friday Sale.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress? Yes. Black Friday is the best time of year to buy a mattress. Over the summer, prices on mattresses are the highest they’ll be all year. Then, over Labor Day there are some pretty great sales. They can even rival Black Friday in some cases. But generally speaking, the prices dip even lower the further into Fall you go.

Early Black Friday

luxury mattresses you can comfortably afford shop loom and leaf saatva

Last year, Saatva kicked the shopping season off with its ‘Black Friday in October’ sale. This sale ran from October 14, 2021 to October 16, 2021. The deal was up to $400 off your total purchase.

It was the first Black Friday sale Saatva ever held that early, and it ended up getting extended a few days through the 18th.

This year, they didn’t run an ‘Early Black Friday’ sale quite so early per se, but they did offer a similar deal in October.

Through October 27, 2022, you were able to get $200 – $400 off your purchase with the Mattress Extravaganza. The amount you saved depended on how much you spend:

  • Spend $1,000 – $2,249 to get $200 off.
  • Spend $2,250 – $2,499 to get $225 off.
  • Spend $2,500 – $2,999 to get $250 off.
  • Spend $3,000 – $3,999 to get $350 off.
  • Spend $4,000+ to get $400 off.

Will a Saatva mattress sag? Saatva makes super high quality mattresses, so they’re highly unlikely to sag. However, if you personally have repeated issues with sagging mattresses, you might be interested in the Saatva HD Mattress. It uses 12.5-gauge steel coils that are 25% stronger than the industry standard.

Second Early Black Friday Sale

The Early Black Friday Access sale is here! And it’s running through 11:59p on Nov. 18, 2022.

UPDATE: This deal was extended through Nov. 21, 2022!

With this sale, you can get anywhere from $225 to $500 off. Here are the spending tiers for the discount:

  • Spend $900 — $2,199, get $225 off.
  • Spend $2,220 — $2,999, get $250 off.
  • Spend $3,000 — $3,499, get $300 off.
  • Spend $3,500 — $3,999, get $350 off.
  • Spend $4,000 — $4,499, get $400 off.
  • Spend $4,500+, get $500 off.

Did Saatva prices go up? They sure have! I’ve counted four price changes in the past year. Each time the increase has been marginal — prices on mattresses in particular have gone up by $40-$80 ish total, depending on model. The product is still worth the price, in my opinion, but it does make shopping sales all the more important.

Saatva Black Friday

Saatva’s 2022 Black Friday sale has launched!

From Nov. 22 — 27, 2022, you will get the same deal that was offered during the Early Black Friday Access Sale:

  • Spend $900 — $2,199, get $225 off.
  • Spend $2,220 — $2,999, get $250 off.
  • Spend $3,000 — $3,499, get $300 off.
  • Spend $3,500 — $3,999, get $350 off.
  • Spend $4,000 — $4,499, get $400 off.
  • Spend $4,500+, get $500 off.

PLUS, during the Black Friday sale, you can get $225 off Adjustable Base Plus bundles.

Is Saatva made in China? No, Saatva is not made in China. Every last mattress is made in the United States.

Cyber Monday

In 2021, the Cyber Monday deal didn’t just last one day — Saatva ran the sale through the entirety of Cyber Week.

We can be relatively confident that the base Cyber Monday deal will stay the same as the prior two sales. When Saatva ran its Early Black Friday sale, it went out of its way to assure customers that they wouldn’t get better deals if they waited to shop longer.

They wanted to give people plenty of time to place their orders and get it shipped in time for the holidays, which also alleviates strain on supply and delivery chains.

We may or may not see them do something similar to the Black Friday sale, where they throw in a unique bonus discount on top of the discount-per-amount-spent.

We’d expect either the Black Friday sale to be extended a couple of extra days, or the Cyber Week sale to start on Saturday. It’s highly unlikely that Saatva would leave people without holiday savings over the weekend.

Who is Saatva owned by? Saatva is owned by co-founders Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi, representing the furniture industry and entrepreneurial circles respectively. Saatva is privately owned.


15 Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $25

This post is in collaboration with Etsy.

Wanna be the most popular person at this year’s white elephant party?

Let’s make that happen with some quirky, weird, and totally unique white elephant gifts for under $25 that allow you to win at gifting while still staying under budget.

Totally Unique White Elephant Gifts

These unique white elephant gifts are quirky enough to grab attention, but practical enough that everyone will want them!


1. Jellyfish Hanging Air Planters

Image of three planters hanging against a wall. All three are inverted, with cute, smiling jellyfish heads serving as the planters and with the plant coming out the bottom looking like jellyfish tentacles. Colors of jellyfish from left to right are purple, blue, and orange.

Price: $21.60
Where to buy: FunUsualSuspects

These hanging jellyfish air planters are adorbs! They come with the plant already in tact, and you can upgrade your order with some nutrient spray to keep it healthy and growing while still staying under $25.

2. Oh, look! More jellyfish air planters!

Hanging air planters. Inverted, with white-painted shells serving as the planter at the top, and the plant coming out the bottom looking like jellyfish tentacles.

Price: $19.95
Where to buy: RootBotanical

Okay, I couldn’t decide which jellyfish air planter to include because these were both pretty awesome. This one from RootBotanical is made from a real-life seashell, hand-painted white. They come in different sizes — the small and medium sizes keep you under $25, and the large option just barely breeches the limit at $26.95.

3. Scratch-Off Map Poster

Woman scratching off the gold on a foil map to reveal the countries underneath. Map background is white. Map is hanging above a desk.

Price: $23.99
Where to buy: MapsInternationalUSA

Any one who’s been on a Zoom call with me over the past 2 years knows how much I love my scratch-off map. Plenty of you have asked where you can get your own!

While this isn’t the exact scratch-off map I have, it is a slightly more affordable version that’s sure to be a hit at your white elephant gift exchange.

4. Cheesecake Candle

transparent glass plate and silverware sitting on lace tablecloth. On top of plate is a piece of cheesecake. If you look closely you can see a wick coming out of the top, revealing that it's actually a candle.

Price: $15.00
Where to buy: DessertAnyoneCandles

Give that cheesecake a second look. Do you see the wick coming out of the strawberries?

I KNOW! I thought it was real, edible food, too! There are tons of eye-deceiving options from DessertAnyoneCandles for your white elephant party, but the cheesecake was my fave.

5. State Scent CandleWhite candle in glass container. Pink label with flowers in background. In foreground is the outline of the state of New York in blue. Text reads 'Madame Flowers New York Adirondack Blossom 7.5 oz (212g) soy wax candle Made in Raleigh, NC'

Price: $22
Where to buy: MadameFlowers

Isn’t this a fun idea? MadameFlowers makes state-scented candles for a number of states. While New York Adirondack Blossoms is the one pictured here, there are also options for:

  • Washington state Columbia Mojito
  • Illinois Prairie Wildflower
  • Michigan Lakeshore Breeze
  • California Pacific Orchid
  • Virginia Skyline Flora
  • New Jersey Highland Garden
  • Georgia Forest Shade
  • Alabama Fairhope Orchard
  • Louisiana French Magnolia
  • Florida Citrus Sunrise
  • North Carolina Pine and Bayberry

If you’re a NC lover, there are also separate scents for various cities, like Wilmington, Asheville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte.

6. Dinosaur Mug

Three dinosaur mugs with gold leaf accent painted on. Green Brontosaurus mug, Orange t-rex mug, and blue stegosaurus mug.

Price: $24.64
Where to buy: letteroom

Equal parts quirky, cute, and usable-on-an-everyday-basis, these dino mugs make a great white elephant gift. Plus, you get ALL THREE for under $25.

While they’re definitely a great option for your budget, they do ship from the UK. So you’ll want to order earlier rather than later to get them in time for your event.

7. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Small square wood base platform with rocks in the center. Flames coming out from the rocks with glass panels sticking up around them on all four sides.

Price: $17.60
Where to buy: 1Man1Garage

This tabletop fireplace looks so fancy! Yet it’s still well-below the $25 mark. Can pretty much promise you’ll be the only one who shows up with anything like it.


Funny White Elephant Gifts

Some of the best white elephant gifts are wonderfully weird and funny. Let’s check out some odd and hilarious options for this year’s party.

8. Sasquatch Candle

Candle in black metal container with faux foliage mixed in the top layer of wax. Walking through the 'landscape' of the candle is a toy big foot figurine.

Price: $17.99
Where to buy: BoWinston

HA! This sasquatch candle is just weird enough to be ridiculously popular at the white elephant gift exchange.

9. Socks with your face on them

rainbow striped socks with a man's face printed over

Price: $6.99
Where to buy: PersonalizationLab

These super quirky socks are either going to be a hit or a flop — depending on your personality and relationship with everyone else at the party.

You’ll actually upload a picture of YOUR OWN face to be printed on these custom socks. Whether they end up being the most popular gift everyone’s clamoring after or the one everyone’s trying to pass off on to somebody else, they’ll definitely leave people talking.


10. Bruce Willis White Elephant Gift

Three round wooden ornaments on white wood table. First ornament reads 'Welcome to the party pal' with image of bruce willis and police car etched in. Second reads 'Yipee-ki-yay' with image of Bruce Willis, watch, tv news mic, and helicopter etched in. Third ornament reads 'Now I have a machine gun ho ho ho' with image of limo and machine gun etched in

Price: $18.00
Where to buy: SalvageandSparkleNM

Get SUPER meta with your white elephant gift with these Bruce Willis ornaments. You can catch Bruce Willis in the White Elephant movie this year. (I know. Ha. Ha ha. Ha.)

Plus, your Bruce Willis white elephant gift will give everyone the opportunity to debate whether or not Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie.

11. Christmas Coal Popcorn Stocking Stuffer

Small box of popcorn sitting on top of a knit Christmas stocking filled with popcorn. Box reads ' What is 'naughty' anyways? Dell Cove Spices & More Christmas Coal Popcorn Gourmet Black Popcorn Kernels Net Wt 16 oz (453.5g)'

Price: $10.00
Where to buy: dellcovespices

The perfect gift for when you’ve been naughty, but Santa doesn’t want to leave you completely empty-handed.

This gift looks kinda small (though it won’t look that way once it’s fully popped,) so you might want to pick up two of them if you’ve got a $25 budget.

Holiday-Themed White Elephant Gifts

I have this bin in my basement full of gifts to be regifted. Most of them are holiday-themed, because I get so many holiday decor gifts from random people and you can only really use so much of it.

In the past, I’ve brought these gifts to white elephant parties and real talk?

They’ve consistently been one of the most popular items. Apparently while I’m over-decored, other people just can’t get enough!

My gifts were $FREE.99 thanks to my pre-planning, but you can find plenty of popular holiday-themed white elephant gifts for under $25. Here are some cute options.

12. Christmas Potholder Set

Six red potholders filled with cookie mix and plastic spatula. Each potholder reads in white print (1) 'Christmas calories don't count.' (2) 'Have a sweet Christmas' (3) 'Baking Christmas Cheer' (4) 'We whisk you a Merry Christmas' (5) 'Baking Spirits Bright' (6) 'Tis the Season to Bake Cookies'

Price: $7.99
Where to buy: TheSpottedZebras

These super cute potholders come complete with spatula or whisk included.

The cookie mix isn’t, but at just $7.99, you have plenty of room left in your budget to pick some up at the grocery store.

13. Eggnog Candle

White candle in glass container. Red label reads 'Eggnog 12 oz 340g Handpoured in Texas'

Price: $16.00
Where to buy: WindingWickCandles

Scent can bring back so many memories. This great Eggnog candle from WindingWickCandles allows you to spread holiday cheer and stay well under budget.

14. Paper Lantern Stars

Dark night with tens of hanging paper lanterns shaped like stars in various colors lit up from the inside.

Price: $12.50
Where to buy: KuliTribe

Super pretty, right?!

These paper lanterns light up from the inside and come in eight different pattern options.

15. Christmas Gift Box

Gift box with shredded paper filler. Includes Wooden sign reading 'It's the most wonderful time of the year', fancy handsoap, a red 'tis the season' candle, a wooden 'Merry Christmas ornament' in the outline of an ornament, and faux plastic foliage with red berries and a pinecone

Price: $20.00
Where to buy: LDsavvyDesigns

Spread holiday cheer with this Christmas gift box! Included you’ll find a:

  • Wooden sign with holiday greetings.
  • Bath & Body Works foaming soap.
  • Holiday-scented candle.
  • Ornament.
  • Either a mistletoe bell or berry spray.


Okay, so these are some ideas for this year’s white elephant party. But I’m interested to hear, what have been your favorite gifts from white elephant parties past?


PA expands food stamp eligibility. Can you get help with groceries?

Woman in mask with gloves on holding a red basket full of healthy food from the grocery store.

Good news for my Pennsylvania friends!

On October 1, 2022, the state expanded eligibility for food stamps.

That’s a really good thing, because here in Pennsylvania, I find myself paying more than double for groceries compared to what I was spending before the pandemic. I know we’re all facing this same issue.

Today, we’ll get into changes to Pennsylvania’s SNAP program along with some of the extra savings programs you qualify for once you’ve got your EBT card.

Expanded SNAP Income Eligibility Guidelines in Pennsylvania

As of October 1, 2022, Pennsyvlania has expanded food stamp eligibility from 130% of Federal Poverty Income Guidlines (FPIG) to 200% of FPIG.

That means income limits are now:

  • 1 person household: $2,266 per month
  • 2 person household: $3,052 per month
  • 3 person household: $3,840 per month
  • 4 person household: $4,626 per month
  • 5 person household: $5,412 per month
  • 6 person household: $6,200 per month
  • 7 person household: $6,986 per month
  • 8 person household: $7,772 per month
  • 9 person household: $8,560 per month
  • 10 person household: $9,348 per month

Have a bigger household? Add $788 for each additional household member.


Income deductions for households with disabled or elderly people

If someone in your house is disabled or elderly (age 60+,) you can deduct certain expenses from your income in order to qualify.

Here are some of the expenses you may be able to deduct:

  • Standard deduction: Everyone should qualify for this one. It’s based on your household size. Households of 1 – 4 people get a standard deduction of $193; households of 5 people get a deduction of $225; households with 6 or more people get a deduction of $258.
  • Earned income deduction: You can deduct 20% of your gross monthly income from employment.
  • Excess medical deduction: If the elderly or disabled person in your household has medical expenses of more than $35, you can deduct it from the household monthly income for eligibility purposes. You can deduct almost anything — including dental expenses — except for special dietary expenses. Here’s which expenses count and how to calculate them.
  • Dependent care deduction: If you pay for childcare, or dependent care for a disabled person of any age, you can usually deduct them from your monthly income numbers. You can only do this if you’re paying someone outside of your household, and only if you need that care in order to work, get job training, or pursue your education.
  • Shelter and utility deduction: If your shelter and utility expenses combined are more than 50% of your income, you can deduct all of them when you have a disabled or elderly person in your home.

There is a catch: If you don’t naturally qualify because your income is more than 200% of FPIG, you can take these deductions if you have an elderly or disabled person in your home.

But the deductions will need to get you under 100% of FPIG in order to qualify.


New SNAP Asset Test Limits in Pennsylvania

Qualify for SNAP benefits because your household income is under 200% of FPIG?


There’s currently no asset test for you in Pennsylvania.


Asset tests for households with disabled or elderly people

Of course there’s gonna be an asset test for households with disabled or elderly people that need to use deductions to get under 100% of FPIG.

It wouldn’t be America if there weren’t additional undue burdens on already marginalized households.

The only good news on this front is that the asset test went up. Before, your countable assets could only add up to $3,750 before you were disqualified from SNAP.

But as of October 1, 2022, the asset test is now $4,250.


Use an ABLE account to shelter your assets

ABLE Accounts for the Disability Community

If the disabled person in your household was disabled before their 26th birthday, they’re eligible to open an ABLE account.

Even if they’re 47 today.

NOTE: There is currently legislation moving through Congress that would up the age of onset for ABLE eligibility. This would double the number of Americans eligible for ABLE accounts. Here’s how you can help support passage of the ABLE Age Adjustment Act.

An ABLE account is a 529 account that can be used to pay not just for educational expenses, but any expenses related to the disabled person themselves.

When you keep money in an ABLE account, it is sheltered from asset tests, allowing you to qualify for programs like SNAP even if you have up to $100,000 in the account.

You can open a Pennsylvania ABLE account here.

ABLE accounts are usable in all 50 states. But Pennsylvania’s comes with some tax advantages for Pennsylvania residents.

On your state income taxes, you’ll be able to deduct all contributions to an ABLE account from your taxable income.

Max contributions for 2022 are set at $16,000, but can be higher if the disabled person qualifies for ABLE to Work.

For now, you can also use ABLE contributions to qualify for the Saver’s Credit on your federal income taxes.

FUN FACT: Pennsylvania is currently only one of two states that allow you to deduct 100% of your ABLE contributions on your state taxes. The other state is Mississippi.

How to apply for SNAP benefits in Pennsylvania

Okay, so you’re newly eligible for food stamps.


But how do you apply?

You’ll do so using the COMPASS website.

I’m not going to lie to you. The COMPASS website is glitchy. You should plan to spend about 30 to 45 minutes on your application, and you might have to log in multiple times as the site regularly kicks users out mid-application.

The good news is that if you’re logged into your account, it should save your application so you can pick up right where you left off when you log in again.

At the completion of your application, you’ll be given an option to ‘View required documents.’ Technically, there are certain households that are protected from having to provide all this extra paperwork.

But in my experience with welfare offices, it’s good to provide that paperwork, anyways. It’ll help the process go smoother and more quickly. It takes less time than trying to figure out if you’re one of the households that isn’t required to provide documentation.

There will also be a separate button that will allow you to upload that paperwork. You might as well do it right as you’re applying — putting it off means you might miss a deadline.

The paperwork you’ll be asked for will vary depending on your personal situation. But some examples of things you might be asked for include:

  • Image of your drivers license.
  • Income documentation. That might be your most recent W2s, or — if you’re self-employed — your most recent 1040 or business income records.
  • Proof of disability. (They might already have this if the disabled person is on Medicaid.)
  • Rental agreement.
  • Bank account information.
  • Medical bills from the past 90 days.
  • Etc.

Other savings that open up after you have SNAP

Supposedly, DPW is going to be qualifying people for SNAP in as little as 5 days.

I’ll believe that when I see it. But it’s a nice goal.

After you get approved for SNAP benefits, there are several other programs you’ll automatically qualify for.

These programs can save you money across a ton of areas, whether we’re talking about your internet bill, taking your kids to different cultural events in your city, or even maintaining your Amazon Prime membership.


Get $30 off your internet bill every single month

How to Get $30 (or more!) Off Your Internet Bill

The first program you should look at if you’re on SNAP is the Affordable Connectivity Program.

The income limits for this program are now very similar to Pennsylvania’s food stamp eligibility guidelines. But being on SNAP first makes the application process so much easier.

That’s because if you’re on SNAP, you qualify automatically. The application can take just a few minutes as you won’t have to answer as many questions when you’re already on SNAP.

This program gives you $30 off your internet bill every month, or $75 if you live on Tribal Lands.

The ACP has a ridiculously quick turnaround for a government program. You’re likely to see the discount on your actual internet bill in as little as 24 to 48 hours after filling out your application.


Get discount admission to attractions across the state

When you get on SNAP, you’ll be issued an ACCESS card.

ACCESS cards are pretty great because they get you discount admission to a ton of cultural sites and attractions across the state.

Here are a bunch of places you can get discounts if you’re in Eastern PA.

Tip for Philly People: I highly do not recommend applying for the Art ACCESS card unless you’ve already filled out a comprehensive application with COMPASS for all potential programs and been denied. If you’re disabled, there’s a strong chance you qualify for a regular ACCESS card for F-R-E-E. The Art ACCESS card comes with a not-inexpensive fee.

In Pittsburgh, here are a bunch of places that will give you discounted admission:

  • Children’s Museum: Regularly $16 – $18 per person; ACCESS admission only $2 per person.
  • Carnegie Science Center: Regularly $12 – $20 per person; ACCESS admission only $3 per person.
  • Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History: Regularly $12 – $20 per person; ACCESS admission only $2 per person.
  • Andy Warhol Museum: Regularly $10 – $20 per person; ACCESS admission only $1 per person.
  • Mattress Factory: Regularly $10 – 20 per person; ACCESS admission only $2 per person.
  • Phipps Conservatory: Regularly $11.95 – $19.95 per person; ACCESS admission only $3 per person.

There are tons of others, too. I’ll have to write an article for you all covering the ACCESS discount in Pittsburgh sometime soon.

Another way you can search for some of these locations across the country is through Museums for All. Though these discounts are certainly not limited to museums, depending on which part of the country or state you’re in.


Get a discount on your Amazon Prime membership

Did you know people with EBT cards get a discount on their Amazon Prime membership?

It’s true! Amazon raised its Prime membership prices to $14.99 per month this year. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for an entire year at once for $139.

However, if you’ve got an EBT card like the one you’ll get for SNAP benefits, you can get your membership for just $6.99 per month. That’s a discount of more than 50%.

You can apply for the discount here.


Get curbside groceries

Map of community transmission levels for the US from the CDC for the week of Wed Sep 21 2022 - Tue Sep 27 2022. 84%+ of counties are shown to be in high or substantial rates of transmission.

COVID-19 transmission map for Sept 21 – 27, 2022 via the CDC.

In 2020, there were serious problems with people getting curbside orders using SNAP benefits in Pennsylvania. There were state and local laws prohibiting it.

However, in the time since, both the state and many municipalities have lifted these restrictions.

Because those laws were discriminatory.

They inherently put lower- and middle-income people who received SNAP benefits at higher risk of catching COVID.

So now in all areas of the state that I’m aware of, you can get curbside orders using SNAP. If your municipality won’t let you, try hopping over to the next municipality.

Not all stores make SNAP checkout easy, though.

For example, Giant Eagle makes it super easy to check out with SNAP benefits. You can do so within the app or on the website.

But Target?

Not so much.

You could go inside Target to use your EBT card.

But you could also opt to protect your health by simply shopping with another store that does make using SNAP to pay easy within their app or on the website itself.


How to Get $30 (or more!) Off Your Internet Bill

Father with two children on his lap looking at a laptop/tablet

Have you heard of the Affordable Connectivity Program?

If not, you might be missing out! This government program can help you save $30 or more on your internet bill every month.

Is the Affordable Connectivity Program legit?

One hundred percent yes. The Affordable Connectivity Program is legit and can help you save money on your internet bill.

How much money can I save with the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Most people will get a $30 credit on their internet bill per month.

If you live on Tribal lands, you can qualify for a $75 credit per month.

PLUS, regardless of where you live, you may be eligible for $100 off a laptop, desktop or tablet. You will have to contribute between $10 and $50 towards the purchase of your device to qualify for the $100 discount.

Your internet service provider must participate in the discounted device program to qualify for that extra $100 benefit. Here are the ones that do.

How do I qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

There are three ways to qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program:

  • Household income.
  • If anyone in your household uses certain government programs.
  • Meet special requirements for those who live on Tribal Lands.

Qualifying for ACP based on income

Income limits are higher than you might think — especially if you have a family! Don’t count yourself out just because you don’t consider yourself ‘low-income.’

Income limits are based on your household size and where you live.

Income Limits for Contiguous U.S and Territories

  • Single person: $27,180
  • Two-person household: $36,620
  • Three-person household: $46,060
  • Four-person household: $55,500
  • Five-person household: $64,940
  • Six-person household: $74,380
  • Seven-person household: $83,820
  • Eight-person household: $93,260

For each additional person in your household, add $9,440 to the income limit.

Income Limits for Alaska

  • Single person: $33,980
  • Two-person household: $45,780
  • Three-person household: $57,580
  • Four-person household: $69,380
  • Five-person household: $81,180
  • Six-person household: $92,980
  • Seven-person household: $104,780
  • Eight-person household: $116,580

For each additional person in your household, add $11,800 to the income limit.

Income Limits for Hawaii

  • Single person: $31,260
  • Two-person household: $42,120
  • Three-person household: $52,980
  • Four-person household: $63,840
  • Five-person household: $74,700
  • Six-person household: $85,560
  • Seven-person household: $96,420
  • Eight-person household: $107,280

For each additional person in your household, add $10,860 to the income limit.

Qualifying for ACP based on government programs

You can totally qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program even if you’re beyond the income limits.

For example, multiple members of the Mom Autism Money community have qualified because most of their children are on Medicaid regardless of household income.

Here’s how it works:

If you or any of your dependents are on one of the following programs, you automatically qualify for the ACP. They won’t even ask for your income on the application:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • WIC
  • SSI
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program
  • Lifeline benefits
  • Received a Pell Grant in the current award year

That’s right: You can qualify based on something as simple as a PELL GRANT!

The ACP website says you might have to provide paperwork supporting your enrollment in any one of these programs, but so far none of the members of our Facebook community have had to provide anything beyond the last four of the eligible person’s SSN.

Qualifying for the ACP on Tribal Lands

If you live on Tribal lands, you may qualify for a juiced up version of the ACP, which gives you a $75 credit rather than the standard $30.

First, make sure you live on qualified Tribal lands.

Then, see if you qualify based on income or participation in certain federal or Tribal programs.

Income limits on Tribal lands are 200% of of the federal poverty line. To figure out this number, check the household size for where you live here. Then, multiply that number by two.

Regardless of income, you can still qualify if you participate in any of these programs:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • SNAP
  • Medicaid
  • SSI
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program (can be any time since 2019)
  • WIC
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Pell Grant
  • Lifeline benefits

How do I apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

To start the application process online, visit the ACP application landing page.

You’ll fill out a quick application that will let you know whether or not you qualify.

Then, find your internet service provider’s ACP landing page via this list from the FCC. You’ll have to fill out a very basic form verifying that you’ve applied for the ACP. Then your ISP will vet you by checking for the approved application and giving you the discount.

How long does it take to get your Affordable Connectivity Program credit?

If you’ve ever interacted with a government program, you’re probably used to it taking weeks, months, or even years before you can access your benefits.

Amazingly, this is not the case with the ACP.

All of the members of the Mom Autism Money community who have applied have seen the credit reflected on their internet bill within 24-48 hours of their initial application on the ACP website.

So in our experience, it’s worked at lightning speed! But if you have circumstances that require extra paperwork, it may or may not take a little longer to process the application and get your credit reflected on your internet bill.

Is the ACP program permanent?

Yes, the intent of the ACP program is for it to be permanent. It’s a replacement for the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB,) which was a temporary COVID-19 response.

That being said, final regulations on the ACP will be decided upon in November of 2022. So while the Affordable Connectivity Program is scheduled to be permanent for now, we will see how things pan out in the Fall. It may end up being capped to four or five years.

In the meantime, start saving on your internet bill today. Taking a few minutes out of your time to apply could get your bill down by $30-$75 within a day or two.

6 Ways to Save on Life Insurance for Women

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Men have more life insurance policies than women, which doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense.

Life insurance is essential for anyone who has dependents, and women tend to have more people who rely on them. Life insurance is a critical ingredient in our world where women are often providers for their families, and simultaneously provide a larger share of caretaking responsibilities. Not only will your income be lost after your death, but all the free labor you provide as a caretaker will have to be replaced.

Buying life insurance as a woman is cheaper and cost-saving when compared to men, because women tend to live longer. That means the life insurance company is less likely to have to pay out, and if they do, you’re likely to have paid more in premiums as you’ve lived longer to do so.

Life Insurance For Women: What Does It Mean?

Life insurance is a form of insurance that covers the loss of life. After you pass away, the insurance company will pay money to your beneficiaries. It works as a contract between you (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer). The insured pays a certain amount of money known as a premium to the insurer in exchange for claims known as death benefits.

Types of Life Insurance

Fundamentally, there are two types of life insurance: term and permanent. Term insurance covers the insured for specific periods, usually five to thirty years. On the other hand, permanent insurance is whole or universal as it covers the insured’s entire life. Aside from being different by nature, both also carry different premiums.

Since term insurance only covers the insured’s loss of life for a limited number of years, the premiums are affordable. On the other hand, permanent insurance costs more in premiums.

Women’s life insurance generally has the same coverage as men’s. Your beneficiaries can use the death benefit for anything, including:

  • Funeral costs.
  • Bills and expenses of loved ones.
  • End-of-life debt settlement.
  • Education for your child.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Care for your dependents.

The cost of women’s life insurance varies from one insurer to another. So, it’s usually wise you consider the type of insurance — whether permanent or term — and the insurance company you’ll be dealing with. You’ll also want to consider your age, health, and lifestyle.

Why Do Women Need Life Insurance?

Dying means leaving several things behind. This could be a child whose education depends on you, or a loved one who’s been dependent on you over the years. Life for the people around you would be difficult without life insurance, especially if you’ve been the breadwinner. The best way to solve the financial mess of your absence is to get insured.

Whether you’re married, divorced, a single mother, or a stay-at-home mom, getting a life insurance policy would do you good. At the very least, the policy covers your burial costs, outstanding debts, and property administration. Other reasons you need life insurance include:

  • Long-term financial independence.
  • Coverage for critical illnesses.
  • Leaving a lasting legacy.
  • End-of-life saving for the future.
  • Potential tax benefits if you provide policies to your employees.
  • Whole life policies with cash benefits may make some of your death benefit available in retirement.

Investing in life insurance as a woman is a necessary form of financial protection. Beyond your dependents, life insurance can serve as a wealth buildup and backup for any post-retirement financial difficulties.

How Can Women Save On Life Insurance? 

Although life insurance is more affordable for women than men, affordability is subjective. Cost remains one of the key reasons women provide for not having a life insurance policy. If this is your situation, the following are ways you can wrangle a lower rate and save on your insurance policy:

Begin With Term

Term life insurance policies cover insurance risks and mitigate against loss until a specific date. They offer fixed death benefits at fixed premiums for a predetermined time, usually between five to thirty years. Since it’s partial and not whole, the premiums are generally lower than universal insurance. Buying term is one of the many ways to save money on your policy.

People take out term insurance policies with the perception that they may die within a given period. But when they don’t, the premiums paid to insurers turn out to be profit for them.

Compare Policies

Another way to save on insurance policies is to get quotes from many different insurers. There are several insurance companies, and you may get overwhelmed with the special offers and benefits. Your first instinct might be to stick with the first insurance brand that comes to you, but really you should shop around.

Comparison shopping allows you to see the ratings of each insurance company you’d be dealing with. Better ratings means the company is more reliable. Comparison shopping also provides you with the insight to choose the most cost-effective insurer and save on your policy.

Buy Your Policy Early

Factors such as age, health, and income inform the premium you’ll be paying under life insurance. Age is even more emphatic among these factors. The older you get, the more premiums you tend to pay. Therefore, it’s best to buy a life insurance policy early to secure lower premiums. The best period is between your 20s and 30s.

Being young when you get a policy also provides you with reasonable rates should you develop any health issues during the coverage. It’s a game of duration for insurance companies. The longer insurers expect you to live, the lower their chances of paying out. Thus, it’s best to get your plan early.

Pay Premiums Annually

Depending on the insurer you’re working with, you can pay premiums once or in installments. If in installments, you’re allowed to pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. However, each installment payment comes with charges.

If you want to save on your insurance policy, you can pay your premiums annually to avoid charges. Your annual payments often are your actual payments without any punitive fees. If this proves challenging due to financial difficulties, make sure you understand what the monthly payments would be.

Take Care Of Yourself 

Life insurance is intrinsically linked to age and health. Your lifestyle decisions inform your health and your insurance rates. So one of the easiest ways to keep your insurance costs low and save is to improve your wellbeing by doing things like quitting smoking.

Your overall health and wellbeing are how insurers base their premiums and claims. This means if you have a rough lifestyle, you may be grouped into a different rate class with high premiums. But if you maintain your health through a positive lifestyle, you may find yourself in a favorable rate class with fewer policy costs.

Look Into Your Buying Decisions

Budgeting is crucial regardless of your status — single, married, or divorced. Moreover, your budgeting skills should reflect your buying decisions and not the other way round. Insurance salespeople do everything to persuade you to buy more than you need. They make several assumptions about the whole life insurance concept and associate it with your life. While that’s their work to do, it’s your responsibility to remain focused on your budget.

How much insurance you need is up to you. You should make the assessment and decisions about how much coverage you need. Whether you need insurance for your child, loved ones, burial costs, or to cover outstanding debts, you shouldn’t leave the process to your insurer.

Life Insurance for women is essential

Life insurance for women is one of the most affordable, flexible, and essential insurance policies. It’s also one of the many policies you can save on. You can get premiums at reduced rates by being objective with the policy you want and the insurance company you’ll be dealing with. Most importantly, you can be intentional with yourself by taking care of your health and comparison shopping.