Savings When Building a Candy Table

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Hey, party people! I’m in the midst of planning a birthday party, myself, so I was thrilled to have Wendy Dessler write this piece up on saving while entertaining! Whether you’re using a candy table at a birthday party, a wedding or some other social event, you’re going to want to check out these tips.

Are you planning a Candy Table as a dessert table or cake alternative for your wedding or party? This is a great idea and one that is catching on everywhere. While creating a candy buffet is sometimes very costly, it does not have to be! We have compiled a list of wonderful candy buffet ideas that will allow you a unique and yummy experience and save you money.

How Much Candy? A Skillful way to save.       

The general rule of thumb when figuring how much candy you need is 4-8 ounces per guest. However, using slightly smaller favor bags or boxes seamlessly reduces the candy people will take. This is a great idea (and an unnoticed way to cut corners) if your party is mostly adults, such as a wedding reception.

Another way to reduce the candy people will take is to place smaller scoops in the jars. Also consider taller jars with smaller openings, providing tongs for your guests.

Placing a nicely worded sign on the candy buffet makes the message clear in a tasteful way. It should read, “Enjoy one bag”. Enough said.


If you intend to include perishable candy such as chocolate for a candy buffet in June, order it in March. This will ensure, you will not have to pay for rush shipping to get your chocolate before it melts.

Storing chocolate

Store chocolate in a dark place with no light. Keep it tightly wrapped in an airtight container (it will absorb odors). Keep the temperature at 65-68 degrees. In these conditions, dark chocolate will last a year and milk or white chocolate will last six months. If you must freeze chocolate, wrap it tightly and place in the refrigerator for a full 24 hours before placing it in the freezer. When removing it, reverse the process.


Creating your candy buffet

Use larger, bulkier candies to take up space on the table. Cotton candy, large gummies, taffy, candy corn, marshmallows, and gumballs are inexpensive, colorful, and require a lot of space. Speak to your favorite bulk candy provider for wonderful tips on how to have a great buffet on a budget.

Be unique and add some salt! Salty snacks are a natural with sweets. Pretzels, popcorn, and Triscuits add bulk and contrast to your buffet.


Of course, your containers should be clear. Larger, taller containers go toward the back of the table. Short, wide-mouth containers are in the middle. Trays with specialty candies are in the front. Use dishes or boxes to make the containers higher or lower. Use your bulky candy to fill in any open spaces.


Creative table coverings, ribbons, and lace can create a beautiful table. Consider hanging long ribbons of your color theme behind the table, making a backdrop.

Main focus

Make one candy your focal point. Maybe it is a chocolate fountain or a designer treat. This allows you to buy those supplies in bulk, saving even more money.

With a little planning and creativity, you will create the candy table of your dreams, and one your guests will always remember.

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