Buying Used Jeeps

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When you’re looking at buying a used vehicle, you’re trying to get the best deal there is. There are several factors you should take into consideration including depreciation, safety, how much it will cost to insure, and how you will be using the vehicle.  If you’re looking exclusively at Jeeps, we have analyzed the data and found the two best models to buy used.

Safety & Insurance: How safe a car is plays a large role in how much you’ll be shelling out every month for insurance premiums.  To keep costs down, and your family safe, you’ll want to look at the safest models of Jeeps out there. While premiums vary across providers, the top two models, Grand Cherokees and Wranglers, are typically equally priced to insure, and they are both excellent in the safety department.To save even more on insurance and buff up your safety precautions, only look at vehicles from model years 2006 onward.  This is when Jeep started installing electronic stability control (ESC.)  ESC gives the vehicle more stability around curves and helps reduce the occurrence of skidding.

Depreciation: Depreciation is the value a car loses when it goes from being new to used.  Jeeps are not known for having high levels of depreciation.  They’re built to last, and therefore hold onto their value longer than other makes of vehicles.  The fact that they last is good news for anyone shopping used, but we can still compare depreciation between different models within the Jeep family. If you were purchasing a car new, you’d want to get the vehicle with the lowest level of…{finish reading all the tips at Arrigo Ft Pierce}

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  1. Kythesis

    That Jeep is a bit big for me, but their inline 6 cylinder engine is known to be pretty bullet proof. I would also throw in there’s a big tax benefit in buying used vs new. taxes on $30k is a lot of money. taxes on an $8k car can seem like a drop in the bucket in comparison. Some states also adjust registration costs to the vehicles value. And if you paid cash for your used car you can go liability only on insurance and save cash there. Between that and the points you mentioned, It all adds up to more than enough for me to not even consider buying new.


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