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A little while ago we finally got a new bed.  A wonderful, glorious new bed.  It was bigger than our last one, so we needed new sheets.  We had spent most of our budget on the mattress itself, so we headed to Wal-Mart for the bedding.  While the price is right there, trying to find something that’s even a cotton/polyester MIX is a test in patience.

But we finally did.  And it came with a free Better Homes and Gardens subscription.  One of our little ones loves reading magazines, so we were all too happy to get some more free reading material.  As I was prepping the card to mail to redeem our subscription, I saw this:



Pretty much it says that if you don’t want the magazine, they will give you $6 instead.  Which I thought was pretty cool.  If we hadn’t already gotten excited for a magazine it would be okay for the little one to leaf through, bend, and otherwise maim (after I’ve ripped all the good pages out of it, of course,) we could have gotten $6 off of our already pretty cheap sheets.

I’m willing to bet they had to put that in there because of some legality.  I also tend to think that if they had to do it, other companies do, too.  So the next time someone offers to give me a free “x” when I buy “y,” I’ll explicitly ask if they offer this option.  Because if it’s something with a half-decent value, it may be worth the essential refund.

Oh, and P.S., we are perfectly happy with our cheapy sheets.  Egyptian cotton is pretty low down our priority list.

10 thoughts on “Buy This Get That Free

  1. Savvy Working Gal

    I’m going to keep your suggestion in mind the next time I’m offered a free item with a purchase. As to the sheets, I once read that thread count can only go so far, so if you are paying extra for a 600 thread count you are wasting your money.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Neither had I, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t offer $6 to people if they didn’t legally have to. I’ll join you on that lookout! Especially for bigger items.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      My man thinks it’s going to have home improvement stuff in it. Not like which throw pillows to buy, but how to install your own plumbing or something. I think he may be in for a surprise?


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