How to Have a Budget Vacation in Gokarna

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Very cool way to do budget travel while still staying at luxe resorts. Adding Gokarna, India to the achievable part of my bucket list!

Famous for its beach and resorts, Gokarna is a town in Karnataka, India where you can head when you find Goa overcrowded. Offering many tourist activities, beach views, and more, Gokarna has secured its place as a beach holiday destination. It is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself and escape the monotony of life.

Gokarna is one of those beach destinations where you can take part in all activities and have a comfortable stay even if you have a small budget.

Gokarna Resort Options

Gokarna Resorts are an incredible solution for a budget-friendly vacation. These resorts offer  relaxation, luxury, and a plethora of activities to take part in. So, if you are a budget-minded traveler, go ahead and explore these cheap Gokarna hotels:

Namaste Sanjeevini

Spanning over an area of 4 acres, Namaste Sanjeevini is a resort where you can get a room for INR 2,500 (currently equivalent to $38.57 USD) per night.

Considered as the best resort near the beach, it is quite spacious and has elegantly designed rooms and suites. Here you’ll be able to get a room with a perfect Kudle beach view.

Also, as the name suggests, the resort also houses two Yoga decks. The large deck is under a tree and is extremely peaceful. For a marginal amount of money, you get facilities like a swimming pool, yoga decks, internet access, and more.

Gokarna International Beach Resort

Offering rates as low as INR 2,500 (currently equivalent to $38.57 USD) per night, Gokarna International Beach Resort is situated to the south of Kudle Beach. Due to its location, all its rooms are sea and beach facing.

The resort has so much to offer to its visitors including a bar, international cuisine, a lounge and many fun activities. The activities here provide you optimum comfort and enjoyment, making your vacation more exciting and comfortable.

Om Beach Resort

Om Beach Resort is a great choice for your stay as it offers beautiful views of rustic-style cottages. The resort boasts of its spacious, comfortable rooms.

This resort makes it easy to adhere to your budget. It offers rooms for your stay from INR 2,953 (currently $45.53 USD) and up. With 12 cottages in total, the resort offers an Ayurvedic Spa without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sanskruti Resort

Close to nature, Sanskruti Resort consists of 10 valley view rooms, cottages and top-class amenities. The resort also boasts of two swimming pools, Ayurvedic massage facilities, and other activities.

The level of luxury here doesn’t obfuscate the fact that you are sitting in the lap of Mother Nature. The resort is quite eco-friendly and has a beautiful installation of tropical trees with heavy usage of woodcraft.

Offering all this for just INR 6,000 (currently $92.57 USD) and up, Sanskruti Resort has it going on.

Lotus Beach Resort

Among the best resorts in Gokarna, Lotus Beach Resort has a rugged ambience with okra-hued interior sparkle. The roofs of the cottages here are thatched which beautifully represents the local heritage, but they still have modern furniture.

Though it is located beside the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, it still has rooms from INR 3,000 (currently $42.39 USD) and up. The resort also has a special kids’ area which will keep them occupied, and a bonfire setup for all.

Find Your Resort

All these resorts in Gokarna have their own beauty and individuality. Where you stay will depend on what you want out of the services, location, views, and facilities.These cheap hotels in Gokarna make perfect beach holiday resorts.

There are many other resorts in Gokarna that offer a comfortable stay for a more-than-reasonable amount of money. On top of affordable resorts, the transportation in Gokarna is also not expensive. You can take a rickshaw or an auto, and it will take you to your destination.



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