Get Rewarded to Book Your Summer Vacation

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So excited about this way to save on attractions when I book my hotel for summer vacation!

We’ve already booked our big summer vacation for the year, and I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be a big, extended family trip for the ages. On top of it, we’re also tossing around a couple of ideas for mid-week road trips. Summer 2016 is going to be good times.

Part of me wishes we had waited to book, though. Here’s why:

TripAdvisor Rewards You for Booking Your Summer Vacation

If you book your summer vacation now through August 1, 2016 on TripAdvisor using their Instant Book feature and code BOOKTOSAVE, you’ll get a coupon code for 20% off attractions purchased through TripAdvisor or Viator. The catch is that you have to spend $250+ on attractions for the code to work. With a family vacation including our extended family, though, we could have saved some serious money.

Let me illustrate.

Las Vegas

Check out this hack that rewards you with a discount on your Las Vegas vacation---just for booking your hotel.

Let’s say we booked a trip to Las Vegas. We would book our hotel before May 23rd, and then the next day we would get our Viator code. In Vegas, we’d likely purchase the Las Vegas Explorer Pass, which would get us into three attractions of our choice for only $74.99 per adult. For ten people, costs would come to $719.90 when we account for child pricing. The coupon code would save us $143.98.

Myrtle Beach

Check out this hack that rewards you with a discount on your Myrtle Beach vacation---just for booking your hotel.

Say we instead booked a trip for Myrtle Beach. Last time we went, we skipped over WonderWorks, a cool exploratory space full of fun science for kids (and the adults who still have a child-like wonder alive inside of them.) We still had a great time, but if we went again it’s something we’d like to check out, especially with our children. We’d be looking at spending $268.65 if everyone wanted to go, so our coupon code would save us $53.73.


Check out this hack that rewards you with a discount on your Maui vacation---just for booking your hotel.

Maybe we got super fancy and decided to go to Maui. Not only would booking on TripAdvisor save us up to 25% on our hotel, but the coupon code would save us $442.98 on helicopter tours of the island.

I think you’ve got the idea. TripAdvisor allows you to book hotels in virtually any region, and also allows you to check out some of the most reliable reviews on the interwebs while you’re at it. Because they own Viator, you’ll be able to find discounted tours and attractions in virtually any region, too.

If you’re unlike me and haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, be sure to check this promotion out. It could just save you some big bucks.

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  2. Chonce

    I hope to do a small family trip this summer. I’ll definitely be checking out TripAdvisor to weigh all my options and see where we can save.


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