Benefits of Buying Used

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benefits of used

When you’re making the decision to buy a used or new car, you probably take the cost of depreciation into account. After all, new cars do start losing their value the second you drive them off the lot. But there are several other monetary advantages to buying used. Buying new often means paying more fees, though you may not recognize it because they are often included in the sticker price.  Here are three fees that you completely avoid when you decide to buy pre-owned:

Delivery and Destination Fees: Every time a car is shipped from the manufacturer to the dealership, it costs money to transport.  These costs are passed on to the buyer via delivery fees, and sometimes an additional destination fee.  Typically these fees are included in the sticker price you see on the window tag, so you wouldn’t even think you were evading them by buying used.  Rather than looking like a fee, they make the new car’s price look more expensive. If a dealership ever tries to charge you delivery or destination fees on a used car, refuse or find a new dealer.

Advertising Fees: All dealerships have to pay into regional advertising fees as mandated by the manufacturer.  This cost is also typically included in the sticker price of a new vehicle.  Advertising fees on used vehicles are often…{continue reading on Arrigo Automotive Group}

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