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8 great personal finance reads from around the web!

Happy Saturday everyone! I just got back from our first FinCon Pittsburgh meeting; we had a great time! True to our city, we kicked everything off with lunch at Primanti’s and some great conversations. If you’re in Pittsburgh and want to join us, shoot me an email!

I hope your weekends are going well, too. It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, so I’m excited to have some new reads for you all. Enjoy!

Femme Around the Web

Today I’m super excited to be the Making a Difference feature on Canadian Budget Binder. Mr. CBB is probably one of my longest PF blogging friends, and every weekend he features a new blogger in his Saturday post. This week he’s also covering stigmas and critical judgements around low-income living, a reader Budget Brag, the week’s top DIY project and recipe, along with a ton of other great stuff.

Should couples combine their finances? If you’ve been around here long enough, you know how I feel, but it’s always best to get different perspectives. Check out this article, where I put my two cents in as to what works for us.

Pittsburgh on the Web

As I said, today we had our first FinCon Pittsburgh meeting. There were only a couple bloggers there that I knew prior to organizing, and only one I had met before. I’m so happy to be discovering all of their great content. So happy that I want to share some of it with you, too:

  • What do you think you’d gain if you gave up the big house? This entire series is great, but this particular benefit surprised even Claudia and Garrett.
  • Mom at Three is Plenty was wowing me today with her freezer cooking methods. They spend somewhere between $500-600 for six months of food, and do prep just about as often! I may have a new hobby…
  • Veronica and Andrew are true hustlers. They’re using estate sales and flea markets as a pathway to financial freedom and rocking it. While I love all of their posts, Probably a Millionaire served to particularly inspire me!
  • Thriftburgher is part smart shopping diary, part art. She posts what she finds at thrift stores (and she finds some hella cute stuff!) and often has me thinking. Back in the day she was finding a lot of antique post cards, which were super fun to make up a backstory to. Most recently she found some photo booth pics in a wallet. I love it because she brings together savings and humanity in a way that goes beyond numbers.
  • I’ve had posts focusing on Disney vacation savings before, but Meagan is a pro. Literally. She’s a travel agent that specializes in Disney trips, and saves her family a ton of money with couponing so they can travel even more. For a primer on how to save on a family getaway, check out her top ten tips.

The One I Can’t Get Out of My Head

Ever since reading it, I can’t get Penny’s article, What Teens Know That Adults Forget. Think you know about money, life and relationships? Odds are that a teenager near you is way more insightful.

If you’re still left with a hankering for some great personal finance reading, check out Modest Money’s top finance blogs. With over 600 options, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.


2 thoughts on “Around the Web in 8 Posts

  1. Petrish Dyer

    Really enjoyed this post and went to a couple of the mentioned website. The picture from the thrift burger blog was really interesting. What a unique blog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Prudence Debtfree

    So many blogs, so little time! How to pick when the pickings are all good? We’re actually planning a frugal trip to Orlando in 2016, so I’ll have to check out Megan’s post. And as a mother and teacher of teens, I’ll be reading Penny’s article too. Claudia and Garrett’s article? Not sure I’m ready for it. We’ve decided to keep our big house for at least as long as my husband runs his business out of it. Thanks for the offerings here : )


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