Favorite Free Apps for Driving Enthusiasts

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Driving, truly driving, is a passion. When you’re a driving enthusiast, you live for the road. Not for the destination, but the thrill of the journey. Opportunities to connect with a community, keep up on industry news, find new routes, and even test drive your new vehicle are now all at your fingertips. To access all of these experiences, all you have to do is head to the app store.

Find Your New Ride

With Porsche’s Virtual Reality Experience, you can test drive your new car without ever setting foot in the dealership. Acclaimed as one of the best virtual reality experiences in iOS, this app allows you to view vehicles, get important information about all of its components, and even take a test drive around the with a full 360 degree range of vision. After you’ve taken the virtual tour, be sure to stop in to experience the real thing.

Get Acclimated to Your New Vehicle

It’s happened to most. The keys to your new car are handed to you. The driver’s manual is in the glovebox. You know you should read it, but the excitement of taking your new love out on the road is overwhelming. So you skip the reading. The manual sits collecting dust...{read more here}

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