Affording a Valentine in Pittsburgh Versus Other Top 10 Cities for Love

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by Tali Wee of Zillow

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where retailers raise their prices and the pressure to show enough affection can become intense. As Femme pointed out, promo codes for personalized gift ideas or even free movie screenings are the best ways to dodge the gouges to your wallet this year. Whether you’re spoiling your long-time love or wowing a new suitor, Valentine’s Day can spur overspending.

If you’re unmarried in Pittsburgh this Valentine’s Day, and hoping for a lavish date from your partner, your chances are more hopeful than residents in other U.S. cities. Luckily in Pittsburgh, the median disposable income of singles is $16,159. The median disposable income in other major metros is dramatically lower; for example Miami’s is $1,553.

Zillow compiled a list of the top 10 places for singles to find love in 2015, and Pittsburgh ranked sixth. One of the four metrics used to calculate the rankings was the median income of singles in an area, minus their rent costs.
Significant median disposable income suggests singles are better equipped to pay for that pricey bouquet of flowers, the fine dining experience and theater tickets – though coupons are still wise reductions! Singles in Washington, DC, the best city to find your Valentine, have a median disposable income of $25,915.

The other metrics used to create the ranking included the percentage of population that is single and the percentage of those singles who recently relocated to the city. In Pittsburgh, the population is 67 percent single, with 7.6 percent of them new in town. Those odds make it fairly likely to find a Valentine.
Lastly, the economists measured the total number of date spots per capita. In the ‘burgh, date locations are abound at 30 spots per 10,000 people.

The good news this season is that local lovers have the funds to splurge, just enough to flatter their partners, without breaking their budgets. No debt necessary!

To check out all 10 of the best locations to find love this year, review the graphic below.

Courtesy of: Zillow

11 thoughts on “Affording a Valentine in Pittsburgh Versus Other Top 10 Cities for Love

  1. Mel

    I can’t believe the San Francisco disposable income is so high. It’s crazy expensive to live there. There’s definitely no lack of date night spots though.

    1. Tali Wee

      Hi SimpleCheapMom, for ‘date spots’ the research includes restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, live music hangouts, theaters and parks. I hope this is helpful! Thanks for reading.

    1. Tali Wee

      Toni, Chicago didn’t make the top 10, but Zillow still pulled data for the city. Chicago is 63% single, with only 3.2% of those singles being new in town. The city has 25 date spots per 10,000 people. Lastly, the disposable income in Chicago is $20,022; higher than Pittsburgh but lower than Wash. DC. So, it’s the same ol’ faces but daters can both afford to date and find spots to meet up fairly easily.


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