Tech I Can’t Believe I Can Afford

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This is an interesting thought. I've definitely seen prices for technology drop over my lifetime!

Recently, I took a trip down to Florida. I drove. I got a heck of a deal by using Auto Europe to book my car rental, and ended up with an SUV.

This thing had heated seats in the front. I was able to hook up my phone via bluetooth to listen to Google Maps and podcasts. And then there was the luxury I wasn’t quite prepared for: the backup camera.

I could parallel park with a new sense of confidence. It wasn’t a big deal that I had bags packed up to the ceiling in the trunk because I didn’t need to see out that window to back up. I was entering the 21st century, and it felt glorious.

That led me down the road of looking at backup cameras. Just for funsies. To my surprise, they’re an affordable add-on. Like super affordable. Like you can get one for under $150 at TadiBrothers.

As I was reflecting on my newfound ability to afford fancy tech, it got me to thinking about what other things I have thought were out of reach over the course of my life, only to have them be made available both by an increased income and the lowering of prices as technology becomes more accessible.


I was not on the smartphone bandwagon at first. I didn’t graduate out of my old flip phone until 2012. I didn’t want to carry my email with me everywhere, I didn’t need to be able to surf the web with my thumbs and I wasn’t into paying big bucks for data.

Then we were offered an unlimited data plan with phones whose prices had been reduced down to $10 or something ridiculous. And now I’m addicted to the dang thing, for better or worse.


A couple years ago, I was seriously stressing about having two laptops in one house. I remember saving my pennies back in the day to contribute towards getting an internet-capable desktop with my parents. It was expensive as all get out.

What I failed to realize, and you all were kind enough to point out to me, is that computer prices have gone down dramatically since the turn of the millennium, and that having more than one per household is pretty darn normal.

What tech can you afford?

Are there any tech items you’re surprised you can afford? Was it an increase in income, a lowering of tech prices or both?


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