Affordable Carpal Tunnel Relief

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I didn't know "affordable" and "carpal tunnel relief" went together!

Once upon a time when I was expecting one of my children, I woke up with pins and needles in my fingers. I thought I had just had my hand up under my pillow at a weird angle. After a few minutes it went away.

The next day, the pins and needles took a little longer to go away.

The next day, when I woke up, I couldn’t even feel my hand.

I called my doctor, who informed me it was carpal tunnel and that I should get a brace. I didn’t have a whole lot of money back in those days, so I thought I’d suffer through.

Then the numbness started lasting so long that I couldn’t drive my car to my internship. I was late a couple of times, but luckily I worked with professionals who respected me enough to not let a temporary health problem affect how they viewed my character.

Rewind twenty years.

I’m with my mom and my sibling at her physical therapist’s office. I call it an office, but it looked like what I imagine Google’s employee gym must look like—open concept, modernly designed and full of good-looking people stretching.

That day was a big day. She had carpal tunnel and was finally getting her braces. She tried on a few different models before deciding. She got home, slept in them and found true relief.

Fast forward back to miserable, pregnant Femme.

Twenty years later, those braces were still around. They were strappy. The Velcro had gotten ratty. But my mother rarely needed them anymore, so she lent them to me.

They weren’t pretty anymore, but they worked reasonably well. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore with searing pain. While I still had to get out of bed early to let my hands “wake up,” I didn’t have to wait quite as long before being physically able to drive my car.

Those things came from a fancy physical therapy office, so I assumed they must be crazy expensive.

I’ve been lucky enough that my carpal tunnel went away a little bit into the postpartum period, but I was a little bit worried because, like a lot of people in the modern workforce, I spend a lot of time typing on the computer. Which is not ideal for wrist health.

Affordable Carpal Tunnel Relief

Just recently I heard of Vive Health. They offered to send me a wrist brace, just like my mother’s except from the 21st century. Even though I don’t currently struggle with the carpal tunnel, I had to try it out. What did wrist braces that weren’t twenty years old feel like?


I don’t have to be careful of the metal pushing through the worn out side. I don’t have to readjust the Velcro straps every time I take it on or off. In fact, it’s more like a wrap, and the outside face of it is smooth as heck yet still acts as the loop part of of the Velcro, so you can adjust it to whatever hand/wrist size you’ve got.

Like this:


And it’s only $14.99. If I had known about this back then, I might not have taken the twenty-year-old brace.

You get to save even more.

If you’re in the throes of a bout of carpal tunnel, you don’t even have to pay $14.99. You can save an additional 20% by using code GET20.





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  1. Fehmeen

    Unfortunately, I think the more successful one is at blogging, the greater the chances of developing carpel tunnel because you just spend so much time typing away and a slightly wrong posture can do damage pretty quickly! This is definitely something we should keep in our medicine cabinet along with knee braces and back rests. Computers are definitely not health-friendly. Thanks for sharing.


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