7 Accessories Your Bachelorette Party Needs

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Throwing a bachelorette party?  Make sure to get your hands on these must-have seven accessories.

Are you planning a bachelorette party? If you are the bride, or one of the crew, any girls’ night out is sure to be remembered for a while. The only thing that is missing are the accessories! No bachelorette’s party is complete without over-the-top decorations to let the world know how much fun you’re having. Here are a few accessories your bachelorette’s party needs.


Sashes are a great way to celebrate the bride. Various colours and varieties are available that will showcase both the bride and her friends. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating yourselves for a big night out. You can even personalise it further with specific details about the nuptials. If nothing else, every bride-to-be needs a sash.

Champagne glasses

Why not commemorate the event with detailed glasses engraved with the bride’s name? Companies like Personalised Favours offer a range of affordable champagne and wine glasses for the classiest of affairs. They can easily engrave a special message that all of the attendees will appreciate for years to come.

Shot glasses

If champagne and wine are not your thing, what about shot glasses? Shot glasses are easy to carry and make a great collector’s item. You can even find shot glasses with a chain attached for a hands-free look. Shot glass favours are sure to start the night off with a bang.


T-shirts are a classic way to remember any event. What better way than to keep track of the party than with matching shirts in bright pink? Unlike a sash, a t-shirt is an item that is likely to be used time and again even after the bachelorette party. T-shirts are for the more casual crew, but can still be mixed with the traditional flair.

Feather boas

A staple for any bachelorette party is the feather boa. Whether the boa belongs to only the bride, or to the girl having the most fun, feathers are a must have accessory for any pre-wedding celebration. Make it a round-robin where everyone has a chance to wear the boa during the night! The last one wearing it, wins.

Shiny tiaras

Every bride-to-be needs a shiny tiara on what might be her last big night out before becoming a wife. Hen’s night tiaras come in a wide array of styles, and who knows – the bride-to-be may want to wear it even after the night is over!

Pink tutus

Much like the feather boas, pink tutus are present at a large majority of bachelorette’s nights. As much as the tutu screams party, it is very much a personality choice for the bride herself. A lot of brides choose the tutu because when else do they get the chance? A bachelorette tutu is a great chance for the bride to be daring!

A bachelorette party is a night to do something different, not only for the bride, but for her friends as well. It is a night to simply have fun and celebrate. What better way than with a myriad of great accessories to top it all off? Shop smart, and you can score all of the above on any budget.



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4 thoughts on “7 Accessories Your Bachelorette Party Needs

      1. Femme @ femmefrugality

        Haha I understood! Was it a tree you planted in memory of the day, or was it the tree you got married under? Sorry to hear. :/

        The first time I got married I had a bachelorette party, and while we had lots of fun, I totally missed the tutu memo.

  1. Alexandra @ Real Simple Finances

    This makes me seem quite bland in comparison — when I was the bride, I was very afraid of what my well-meaning bridesmaids were going to plan. Luckily my sister, who was also in the wedding party, was only 16 and we ended up just having a nice dinner together.

    We did include buttons and a sash when I was a bridesmaid planning a bachelorette party for a friend, but since she’s more into hunting and crafts we didn’t want to get the tutus dirty. 😉


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