6 Reasons Writing for Blogs is the Ultimate Side Hustle for Moms

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Find out why writing for blogs is perfect for moms, and how you can start doing it from your own home.

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Many moms feel like they have no choice in whether or not they work. Some moms want to stay home, but have to work full-time to cover their family’s bills. Other moms want to work, but have to stay home because their paycheck won’t cover the cost of childcare. Either way, moms everywhere are subject to the stress and guilt of feeling like they aren’t home enough for their kids or that they aren’t contributing enough to the family income. If you’re a mom who feels this way, a side hustle could be the answer to your career vs. family conundrum.

What is Side Hustling?

A side hustle is any extra job that you can pick up to bring in supplemental income. Typically part-time, side hustles are usually done after business hours and on the weekends. They are a great way for moms to either bring in some extra money so that they can work less, or help bridge the gap to afford childcare while they start a career.

Freelance Blogging is the Ultimate Side Hustle for Busy Moms

While side hustles are a great tool for moms to find balance between career and family, not all side hustles are available to busy moms. Moms usually can’t get a second or third job, bring in extra money landscaping, or house and pet sit on the weekends. Family life is wonderful, but it definitely limits the options that moms can choose from.

However, there is a side hustle that busy moms can use to bring in some extra money, build a resume, or even start a business – freelance blogging. Here are 6 reasons why you should learn how to get paid writing for blogs so that you can reach your family and career goals.

1. Extra Income

Even moms who are happy with their job or are thrilled with staying at home think it would be nice to have a little bit of extra money to save for vacations, pay down debts, put aside money for college, or build a nest egg for retirement. Side hustling as a paid freelancer will help you achieve whatever financial goals you set for yourself and your family.

2. Blogging is a Creative Outlet

Amidst the all-consuming work of diapers, bottles, and schoolwork, moms forget to carve out time for themselves. Blogging will make you set aside time for yourself and your writing. It will also serve as an outlet for all of your unused creative energy. Not only can you bring in money while writing about your passions, but you will also make some great friendships with like-minded businesswomen.

3. You Make Your Own Hours

Side hustling as a paid blogger does not have to be a 9-5 job. Research while the baby naps, write while your eldest is in soccer practice, or get it all done at night after the kids are asleep. Since you set your writing hours, you can work as much or as little as you choose.

4. Create Your Own Workload

Freelance blogging has no schedule except the one that you set for yourself. Depending on what your writing goals are, you could write just two or three articles per month, twenty times per week, or you can continue taking on clients and writing jobs until your schedule is full. You only have to take on as much as you can handle.

5. Writing for Blogs Creates Schedule Flexibility

Most clients are more than willing to work with you and your schedule needs. If you know that you will be out of town when an article is due, most clients don’t mind if you submit your work early. You can submit your articles all at once or spaced out weekly or biweekly. You can decide which submission schedule works best for you.

6. Other Bloggers Will Have Your Back

Life is unpredictable at the best of times. It’s even more so when you have kids. Fortunately, the freelance blogging community is filled with parents who understand that sickness, ER visits, and broken bones are par for the course when you have kids running around. Your online community will be there to get you through family emergencies by covering your deadlines. Then, when you’re able, you’ll be there to help someone else out as well.

Making the decision to side hustle as a freelance blogger could be the decision that changes your life. Busy moms need flexibility, understanding, and camaraderie. The freelance blogging community gives all of that and more. Don’t feel stuck in a job you hate, stagnant at home, or struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Side hustling as a paid blogger can help you achieve both your family goals and your financial goals, and taking a course can help accelerate your path to success.

Author: Kristi M.

23 thoughts on “6 Reasons Writing for Blogs is the Ultimate Side Hustle for Moms

    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      Yeah I definitely know some mom bloggers that are rocking it! I also love that you can be a mom and still get into any niche that interests you… Related to the craziness of raising kids or no. So it can either be an outlet or an escape. And you can get paid either way!

  1. Alexandra @ Real Simple Finances

    This post comes at the perfect time for me, as I realize that freelancing will help bridge the gap of my unpaid maternity leave. In addition to these great reasons for writing as a side hustle, there is also the benefit of having some truly amazing people hire you to write. And if they aren’t amazing? Well, you get to pick your own clients, too. 🙂

    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      For sure. The schedule flexibility is good for everyone, which makes it perfect for those who can’t get out during traditional work hours. (Or those who can work after bed time, but can’t necessarily leave the house like me!) Or just anybody period the end who wants more flexibility.

    2. Mel

      I agree! For years I felt like no one I knew in the arts wrote as their side hustle, but on my current show there are half a dozen of us and a Virtual Assistant. It’s pretty awesome.

      1. Femme @ femmefrugality

        That is pretty awesome! I’ve been finding out more people I know do it than I thought, too. One mom I recently found out did it full time. I was always wondering how she stayed home with her kids full time as a single mom, and lo and behold, we had our hustle in common!

  2. Jason

    Agree with Prudence – sounds like one of the best side hustles for just about anyone who likes writing! Shame my wife hates writing though…

  3. Kirsten

    I am one of Cat’s student’s; I did individual coaching with her, but I have reviewed this video course and it’s really awesome. And I totally agree with Kristi’s points above – this is the ultimate work from home job. I really don’t know of any other opportunity with this kind of earning potential that is so scalable based on your own needs!

  4. Hayley @ Disease Called Debt

    When I first started blogging and freelance writing for money, I had a hard time convincing even my own husband that I would get paid. But there are a lot of opportunites and I definitely agree that this is the perfect job for busy mothers. It’s flexible and you can take on more work when you get time. And yes – Cat is a fantastic blogger who really knows her stuff!

  5. Liz @ Friday Night Shenanigans

    While I can’t imagine just how busy mothers are, it definitely is a great side hustle for anyone.

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