5 Ways Printed Stickers Can Help Promote Your Brand

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Printed stickers laid low through the history of print marketing, despite being a staple of the industry for years. Even today, if you are looking for an easy, quick and cost-effective way to promote your brand message, stickers have no alternative.

Printed stickers come in different shapes and sizes to suit different marketing needs, says an expert at New York Banner Stands, a leading company for New York stickers. If you’re still skeptical about the power of sticker marketing, here are 5 proven ways printed stickers can help increase your brand awareness.

1. Use Car Stickers as a Giveaway Item

When you participate in a trade show or corporate event, you can hand out free magnetic stickers to the attendees. Some of them will put the sticker on their car. That way, your brand message will remain on their car for years. Another good idea would be to distribute car stickers to your loyal customers, as they are more likely to use the sticker on their vehicles.

2. Use Stickers on Consumer Products and Packaging

You can use a printed sticker as your product label. If you sell products online, consider using promotional stickers on your packaging. Printing promotional stickers is more cost-effective than custom printing on your each packaging box. No matter the size your packaging box, you can use the same stickers on all of them.

3. Use Stickers on Your Corporate Vehicles

Chances are that your company has a fleet of vehicles, including service vans and trucks, for day-to-day operations. Why not put stickers on them. That way, you can turn your company vehicles into moving billboards? You’ll find many different types of printed stickers in NY, including bumper stickers and removable stickers. Choose a sticker that suits your brand. Another good idea would be to custom print your stickers, so they look more attractive and appealing. When put up on your company vehicles, the promotional stickers travel with them, helping your brand gain more visibility.

4. Use Stickers to Share Information

While stickers are a great promotional tool, you can also use them to share important information about your product or service. Let’s say you want to inform your updated product features to your existing and potential customers. One good idea would be to print your new features on round stickers and distribute them at trade shows or corporate events.

5. Use Stickers to Improve Your Call to Action

Thanks to their small size, stickers are more effective than other print marketing materials (such as flyers and brochures) in drawing immediate attention. So if you are planning to announce a special offer or discount, consider using custom stickers NY to improve your call to action. When using stickers for call to action, make sure you use attractive colors and creative designs. If required, consider seeking professional help from experienced designers.

You can also use stickers for guerrilla marketing. For instance, use stickers as teaser ads or start a sticker campaign on a local shopping mall. That’s a great way to get word-of-mouth publicity for your brand.

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