5 Ways You Can Still Save Big on Christmas

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The craziness of sales and deals that ensued last week is finally over.  Did you miss it?  No worries.  You can still save big on Christmas shopping this season.  Here are 5 ways to cut those numbers at the cash register.

1. Buy Stocking Stuffers in Bulk

If you have a lot of stockings to stuff, save on the generic stuff.  Buy things like candy, lip gloss, or socks in bulk.  Generally you can do this by buying direct from the company that makes it.  For example, I’m planning on buying Vermints mints for the whole family.  If you buy them in a set of twelve, they’re only $23.40.  If you use my coupon code, that set will only set you back  $17.55, or $1.46/tin.  Not bad at all.  But if you order 100, it’s only $35.  Add in that coupon code, and it’s $26.25, or $.26/tin.  That’s crazy cheap.  Everyone gets mints in their stocking, and you don’t have to pay for mints for yourself for the rest of the year.

2. Shop Quirky and Discounted

Do you have that one person left on your list?  You know, the one that doesn’t want anything, and you can’t figure out what to get for them?  As you browse the store aimlessly searching, commit yourself to only shop the clearance racks.  There you’ll find the quirky stuff, all things “different” and non-generic, and severely discounted prices.  You’ll be able to find them something unique without busting the budget.

3.  Download Shopular

The Shopular app has been my go-to this holiday season.  You enter your favorite stores, and it notifies you of upcoming deals, both sales and coupons.  If you turn the location on your phone, it will pull up the deals at the stores near you.  This feature is especially eye-opening when you’re at someplace like the mall.  It will get your wheels turning for those who are tough-to-buy for, and save you money on all those things you were already going to buy without any effort.  You can download it for iOS or Andriod.

4. Use Free Shipping Day

Think you missed out on free shipping because you didn’t order on Black Friday?  WRONG!  Hundreds and hundreds of retailers participate in Free Shipping Day, which this year is December 18.  There’s no minimum order requirement, and your packages will be delivered by Christmas Eve.  It’s the procrastinator’s dream.  More deets here.

5.  Gift Yourself

One of the best gifts you can give is your time.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s so true.  And so cheap frugal.  Able-bodied?  Give someone gift certificates to shovel their driveway this winter.  Confident you can supervise children?  Give a couple a date night via free baby-sitting.  Has your significant other been wanting to do something that you’ve refused?  (I’m thinking “Let’s go ice fishing,” or “I want to watch that stupid comedy series on Netflix.  Binge watch.  For 8 hours straight.”)  Gift them your genuinely enthusiastic presence for whatever that experience might be.


How do you save this close to the holidays?


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15 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Still Save Big on Christmas

  1. Kayla @ Everything Finance

    Good tips Femme! I like to think that I’ve saved big by getting my shopping done early. I shop all year so I can buy things as they go on sale and spread out the expenses so they don’t all hit my account on the same month. Great tips for those last minute shoppers though 🙂

    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      In my opinion, that’s honestly the best way to do it. I’ve been that way in the past and it really posts off money and stress wise. But here’s to some hope for the procrastinators out there! (Myself partially included this year. Shame! :p)

  2. Charlee Anne

    I gave my husband a coupon book for Christmas last year, and he didn’t even use one of them! He’s a hard one to buy for, but I bet he’d love it if I told him I’d watch the new Dumb and Dumber movie with him when it comes out on DVD. Ha!

    I would’ve never thought of buying in bulk, but that is a great idea!

    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      That totally sounds like my husband. My not so happy thing to watch gift is The Waking Dead… I hate all things zombie and horror!

      And buying in bulk is awesome. As long as it’s something that you’ll actually use and will stay good for a while!

    1. Femme @ femmefrugality

      Aw thanks! I love you, too! And I remembered you liked the Free Shipping Day thing last year, so wanted to make sure you knew the dates! Not because you’re a procrastinator, but because you’re an online shopping pro. 🙂

  3. Messy Money (@Messy__Money)

    Oh that free shipping really is a procrastinator’s dream! I still have shopping to do but I think I have a plan. *think.
    I used to look at the promos for The Walking Dead and think , “oh no I would never be interested in that.” I ended up on a 4 season marathon one weekend and now I am hooked. Sigh. The story is more interesting than I thought it would be……

  4. Prairie Eco Thrifter

    My family decided to keep it simple and just do one, $150 gift for each person and/or couple. Then, we are doing a sort of not-so-secret Santa situation for that. So I’m buying one person’s gift, somebody else is buying for my husband and I. It keeps gifts to only $150 this year which is great.

  5. Britnee

    I saved up ALL year for this season. Now I’m having a hard time parting with my money. LOL Seriously, these are some helpful tips. Thanks for sharing Femme.


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