5 Things I Refuse to Splurge On

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A while back I did a post about five things I refuse to skimp on.  This post is the exact opposite.

1. my toothbrush
Because this is what it looks like after a week or two
anyways.  I have really clean teeth.
2.  my shoes
For much the same reason.  I beat them up like no other,
so I can’t be buying designer every time.
3.  movies
Why would I?  Between movies in the park and gofobo,
I can see movies for free, most of the time in the theater.
4.  books
Again, there’s no reason to.  I have the library, used
book stores, and Amazon.  Textbook prices are the
bane of my existence, but I always manage to find
them at a markdown.
5.  kids’ clothes
modern kid's clothing in greenwood
They’re going to get them all gross, anyways.  So I use
resale and consignment stores along with shopping sales
and using store rewards.
What do you refuse to splurge on?


13 thoughts on “5 Things I Refuse to Splurge On

  1. Daisy

    Some shoes, definitely. Others I splurge on and have lasted me for years. Snack food is definitely one of them – I’ll get no-name everything if it’s cheaper! Oh, and cable packages.

  2. Modest Money

    For me my main things I refuse to splurge on are clothes, movies and haircuts. I rarely buy name brand clothes and if I do it’s at winners for a decent price. With movies I’d just as soon watch them at home instead of going to the theater when they first come out. With haircuts, I am just content with the cheap barber cuts and couldn’t imagine paying $20+ just for a haircut. Even with the lower price I usually put it off until my hair is all shaggy.

  3. Anthony Thompson

    There is one thing on the list that I would splurge on. It’s books. I love to read, and I would prefer owning a physical hard or soft cover book rather than just borrowing from the library.

  4. Daneilia @ Anchors Away

    I refuse to splurge on clothes when I know there are tons of great places to shop and still get the same quality clothing or styles. But I’ve always been a bit of a bargain shopper 😉

  5. Meredith

    Most (but not all) groceries. There is a small handful of things that I truly believe are way better when you go brand name, but in general, it’s generic store brand in this household 😉

  6. jlcollinsnh

    I love reading and I love books. But I also love the local library and, since I don’t like owning things…..

    Cars. I like simple cars. The times I’ve owned fun cars I’ve bought them old and cheap. I don’t own one at the moment.

    Motorbikes. few things are so readily available lightly used and cheap. Plus, in my world, a little patina = street cred.

    Haircuts. over the years I’ve tried the cheapest and the most expensive options and each time I got a, wait for it…. Haircut. a few years ago my wife started cutting my hair (using the same clippers as for the dog.) The first couple of times she messed up. We just cut it all off and let it grow out again. now she gives me the best haircuts ever.

    Clothes. When I was in college I owned two pair of jeans and three shirts. Now as things wear out I am slowly returning to that ideal.

  7. Christa

    Clothes, shoes, and books for me. Also — and this is really wierd — doggy poop bags. The dollar store bags work just as well as the five dollar Target bags, and I throw them out anyway!

  8. ERIKA

    I agree with everything except shoes. Shoes are my weakness, and I love a good quality leather shoe 🙂 Especially boots.

    I also buy generic medicine/vitamins. I refuse to pay the full price for those.

  9. Corinne Rodrigues

    The one thing I used to splurge on was books – which are relatively cheap in India. Just got a Kindle so I’m downloading free books. However, sometimes Kindle books are more expensive than paperbacks in India!

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