3 Creative DIY Wedding Decor Ideas on a Budget

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1. Use Lots of Candles

What could be more romantic than a candle-lit dinner?  For not a lot of money, you can get a bunch of candlesticks or votives that can up the ambiance.  Using them as centerpieces (either one big one or several smaller ones) and then adding smaller flower arrangements or even just petals can save you a ton of money at the florists without looking cheap.  Need creative ideas?  Martha Stewart’s wedding page has a whole slideshow of them.  Or you could just check out Pinterest.  (Lots of people seem to like using mason jars with candles.  Which is great.  But in my experience mason jars are not all that cheap. I’d check out other containers first.)

2. Use Lots of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be a dramatic addition to a wedding.  If you’re outdoors, you can wrap one tree or more near the reception or dance floor.  Inside, you can light the underneath of your tables by lining the inside of your table cloth with a string of lights.  Icicle lights can be used indoors or out to transform the ceiling.  They also make a beautiful backdrop for ceremonies or just an accent wall during the reception.  And if you’re a traditional bride getting married around the traditional time (summer,) you can score them at a discounted rate.  For example, right now ChristmasLightsEtc.com has them at 40% off with sales all the way through September.  Yay for off-seasons!

3. Use Lots of Origami

Click here to see a gorgeous example.

This one is a bit labor intensive, but can turn out really pretty.  Those origami cranes you learned to make in elementary school can be strung to hang over guest tables as referenced above at Burnetts Boards.  Or you can use them for your arch/backdrop during your ceremony like The Craft Caboodle did at her wedding.  Or hang them pretty much anywhere else.  They’re a nice mix of dramatic and delicate, though your hands may be aching afterwards.  If you decide to go this route, I’d enlist some family and/or friends to help!

Did you DIY any decor at your wedding?

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14 thoughts on “3 Creative DIY Wedding Decor Ideas on a Budget

  1. Kathy

    My son and his bride had an outdoor wedding in her grandparent’s back yard. On the tables, they had green mason jars with votive candles in them.

  2. Rebecca Stapler

    We DIYed a few things, including centerpieces. We got big, amazing glass bowls and filled them with cranberries, mini peppers in orange and yellow, pumpkins, and some other autumn-colored vegetables. At the end of the night, guests took them home and made some interesting meals with them 🙂

    We also used bridesmaids’ bouquets for the centerpieces at some of the table. It gave them a place to put the bouquet and keep it hydrated, too.

  3. donebyforty

    Great tips! We used a ton of Christmas lights at our outdoor wedding, to great effect, if I do say so myself. Wish we’d had more candles though!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      That’s awesome! I always think that is so pretty. Candles can be hard sometimes…if they’re not done right they will go out easily with a breeze outdoors, and some venues don’t allow you to have them. Glad you were able to use the Christmas lights, though!

  4. Bmore Bungalow

    I think christmas lights are a great idea! At my wedding we draped roses from chandeliers similar to the look of your origami picture. It doesn’t take many roses to have a dramatic effect.

  5. Nichole @ Budget Loving Military Wife

    That chandelier is gorgeous!

    We used all three of these ideas to some extent. Picked up a lot of candles at craft stores with 50% off coupons. Picked up Christmas Lights after Christmas on Clearance at RiteAid. So they were “cheap” to begin with, but they only had to work for a few hours… so ended up paying ~$1 for each strand. As long as you don’t have a holiday wedding, borrowing them from friends/family would also be a great option. Our “origami” was more in the form of paper flowers. We (my husband, sister, and I) spent hours making crepe roses for reception decoration. I also made huge tissue paper poms/flowers to hang from the trellis with the Christmas lights. We did the same type of crepe flowers for my sisters wedding for the ceremony aisle flowers.

    I also used water beads in a vase and used submersible battery operated tea lights (the lights bought with 50% off coupons and beads bought in bulk discount, online) to light up the water beads. It ended up being really pretty.

  6. anna

    I love your origami idea! I mostly just DIY’ed the program, name cards, menus, and table numbers with the same design (though from Etsy). It was a lot of manual work but I received so many compliments from them!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Very cool! I printed out the paper products for the big day, too. 🙂 A ton of work that I might not do again, but they can turn out really pretty! So glad yours were worth the effort!

  7. Suburban Finance

    I like lots of christmas lights! Especially if the wedding is outdoor, because it gives some kind of pretty festive atmosphere. Origami is also a good idea, but I’m guessing it will take quite a lot of time to make them ‘visible’ enough.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Me, too! It’s like fairies or something. 🙂 Origami would be really labor intensive. Think it would be worth it, but only if you had the time/patience.

  8. makingsenseofcents

    We plan on using a lot of lighting and candles at our wedding. I think it’s super romantic and pretty to do that! 🙂


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