2013: A Useful Garden

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My thumb is black.  In the past two years I’ve “grown” morning glories (which were sparse) and wildflowers (which ended up thriving, but that’s mostly because wildflowers are essentially pretty weeds.)  So after my moderate success growing weeds last year, this year I’ve decided our garden is going to serve some purpose.  We’re growing FOOD.
Peas, specifically.  Because the package said they yield early and often.  In case you couldn’t tell I’m a novice, I’m planning on them growing up these railing poles…
…and these fish stick things once they’re tall enough.
Haha, wish me luck.  Hopefully we’ll be saving a little money on veggies this year.

21 thoughts on “2013: A Useful Garden

  1. Brian

    Awesome! Growing food is one of the joys of summer, in my opinion. We’re growing tomatoes, beans, leafy things and probably some squash down the line!

  2. Amanda

    Good luck! I love fresh peas, that was my favorite from my parents garden growing up. I’m not sure what is in their garden this year. But they have a much more green thumb than I do…

  3. Sheila Simmons

    Good luck on the garden. I just finished finished mine an hour ago and I planted collards, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, green and yellow bell peppers, and broccoli. Femme, what are you growing?

  4. canadianbudgetbinder

    I think that’s great you are growing peas this year. They should be fine up the rails. I still have to get my tomatoes and peppers in the ground but I’ve been growing them indoors for a couple months now.

  5. Angel Gifts

    Good luck with your plants! I have recently bought a strawberry plant. It’s still only tiny yet but Im hoping to get lots of good strawberries off it once it really gets big! Love your blog by the way 🙂 Zoe

  6. MakintheBacon

    I was told by one of the neighbours we have a pear tree, so can that count as passively growing food? Ha ha. We have a lot of work ahead of us for gardening. The backyard is overgrown with weeds, so I guess this year will be the year of weeding and cleaning up. Hopefully next year we can start a garden and a veggie garden too.


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