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Travel means new experiences.

Experiences are worth far more than things. They give us memories forever rather than the immediate high we get from tangible goods which wear out with time. It’s no wonder that these experiences make us happier in the long term.

When Experiences are Worth the Money

That’s why sometimes, I don’t mind spending more on travel. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

Well, let’s reword that. It can be expensive. When we honeymooned in Mexico, I was perfectly all right with paying more for a nice hotel with beautiful amenities–especially because one of those amenities was a 24/7 security staff. We could have stayed in a $30/night beach hut, but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night.

Examples of Big Savings on Popular Travel Desitnations

Yet, there are tons of ways to save on travel. These techniques can help you give yourself and your loved ones experiences they wouldn’t typically be able to afford.

For example, we once spent six days at Myrtle Beach in a hotel on the beach during peak season. It was glorious, and we were able to do it for under $1,000. Total.

Another time I spent three nights in NYC for under $400. That number is inclusive of accommodations in the heart of Times Square, travel to the Big Apple and back home, and food and entertainment. Oh, boy, was there entertainment!

Travel Well on a Budget

Your budget shouldn’t restrain you from seeing the world. There’s so much to experience. So many people to meet. And so incredibly much to learn.

To learn all of our tips and tricks to make your sojourns fiscally possible, check out our travel archives below.

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