Get Free Textbooks with a Special Allowance

  When you’re trying to improve your situation, you come up against a lot of obstacles. Maybe you got into school to further your education, but, especially if you have children, you can’t afford to go without working–which conflicts with your class schedule. You can combat this by applying for scholarships that will cover your Continue Reading »

Personal Finance Insights from Self-Employed Women

Yesterday I had the privilege of organizing an event in honor of Women’s Money Week at Whetstone Workgroup. Since the patrons at Whetstone are self-employed, we set up a discussion with financial counselor Katharine Perry on saving for retirement when you’re self-employed (and female.) I learned a ton, including the fact that the state of Continue Reading »

New Year’s Resolutions: Clean Up Your Credit Report

It’s a new year, and once again we haven’t hit our goal for a down payment for a house. Medical bills and health insurance premiums have totally messed us up in the past twelve months, but that’s a story for another day. It is, however, a new year, and with the turning of the calendar Continue Reading »

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