Financial Abuse: My Partner Nearly Drained Me Dry

Note: This post may contain triggers for those who have been in abusive relationships. The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To highlight the issues that victims face physically, emotionally and economically, Femme Frugality will be discussing the issue every Friday. We will do this through a mix of stories, conversations and factual Continue Reading »

Build Savings Effortlessly with These Three Apps

There’s a major difference between saving money and building savings. Saving money looks something like this:   Saved $140 yesterday with a bunch of super high value #coupon s! — femmefrugality (@femmefrugality) September 18, 2016 While building savings means deliberately allocating that $140 you just saved towards your emergency fund, retirement account or other Continue Reading »

I am the sky. Not the money bird.

There’s this Buddhist analogy that’s been heavy on my mind recently. In it, we picture ourselves as a bird, working with or fighting against the winds and storms of circumstance and emotion in our lives. We allow these circumstances to envelop us as we imagine the struggle or ease that the bird experiences is all Continue Reading »

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