Frugal Ways to Teach Your Children Literacy

Literacy–and education in general–is very important in our house. We’ve been reading books to our kids since before they could sit up. We’ve been encouraging them to practice writing their letters since before preschool. And it’s paid off. My kids can now either read or sound out words, depending on the child and their age. Continue Reading »

How to Invest in ABLE Accounts

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Femme Frugality is running a series of Monday articles focusing on the triumphs and challenges those diagnosed with autism conquer as related to their finances and careers. Joining us for the third post in our series is Tara Falcone, CFP®. Falcone is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, former Wall Street Continue Reading »

Getting the Most Out of Pregnancy Health Insurance

There are a lot of health care costs to manage when you’re expecting. If you have purchased short term disability to cover income while you’re on maternity leave, or hospital indemnity insurance to cover things like hospital admission or NICU costs, you’re likely paying even more. These policies’ premiums generally aren’t too insane, and it’s Continue Reading »

Free Entrance to National Parks in 2017

Over four hundred of America’s national parks are free everyday.  But 118 of them aren’t.  Luckily, the park system does offer free days, so you can go enjoy our beautiful country while remaining completely and totally frugal. National Park Free Entrance Days for 2017 This weekend is one of those times. On Saturday and Sunday, Continue Reading »

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